Help Update – New Topics

Here’s another housecleaning entry that helps Google recognize a few new topics in Help.

Creating PDF forms – This topic includes the bare steps for designing forms in InDesign that can be converted into electronic PDF forms in Acrobat. In a few weeks, after Gabriel Powell finishes his video on this subject, I’ll have more to say about this subject.

Running sample scripts – This new topic provides a brief description of all the sample scripts that ship with InDesign CS4. Some of these scripts may help you in your everyday tasks.

I also noticed that the Check spelling topic needs to be promoted in search results. It’s a better starting point than that other topic, which I won’t mention because Google is watching.

I edited the Create contact sheets topic to clarify the fact that you need to release the buttons before using the arrow keys to change the number of rows and columns. But I forgot to mention that you can press Shift with the arrow keys to change the space between the images being placed. That little nugget will have to wait until Help is updated again in a couple of weeks.

Finally, I added tips to and clarified several topics based on comments I received. Again, if you have a suggestion for improving a Help topic, please leave a comment.

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