InDesign Error Messages

I added a couple of new topics to InDesign Help.

What to do if InDesign freezes

Common InDesign error messages

At Adobe, I’m responsible for documenting features in various products. Other people at Adobe write tech notes for error messages and installation problems. However, I’ve noticed that several people search Help to find installation and error message solutions.

So I thought I might help those people by directing them to the appropriate tech note that addresses the issue.

If you’re aware of an error message that’s not in that topic and should be, please leave a comment either here or in the error messages topic. I’ll add the error message to the list and link to the relevant tech note. And if no tech note exists for the error, I’ll contact Matt to see if he can create one.

31 Responses to InDesign Error Messages

  1. cristienne Beam says:

    I’m trying to open files that were previously created on another machine. when I try to open them on my work machine they crash Indesign and give this error message.AppName: indesign.exe AppVer: ModName: optical kerning.aplnModVer: Offset: 00028112I can open them on my MAC at home and other machines. How can I resolve this for my work PC?

  2. laura says:

    I had the same issue come up on my system. I would look into whether there is an update for the graphics card. It solved my problem.

  3. Marea Downey says:

    I am preparing a book using In Design. I keep getting a message that there is “overset Text”. I can see the red box, and if I click it somewhere in the margin I get some repeated text I don’t now need. How can I get rid of it? I’ve tried searching the “help” section of the program, and yours is the only reference I can find remotely close to being of help.If you can help me I’d be very grateful.Thanks!Marea Downey

  4. David Burngasser says:

    InDesign error code -5000 when trying to save magazine cover as pdf, eps, jpg. Other covers and other InDes files save ok. Web has no info for -5000 error code.

  5. Kathy says:

    This article is way to condensed and small type to be read on my screen.

    My error message: Cannot open the file. Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing or the file may be open in another application. This is what I got when I tried to open someone else’s InDesign file.

  6. Theo says:

    I have a serious problem, i tried to open a file and it gave me the following error message. Cannot open file_name.indd. the file is damaged and cannot be recovered (Error code: 5.) – Please help

  7. When trying to “Save a copy” of a document created a year ago, an error message appeared saying: Cannot save a copy of “2009 Annual Report.indd”. The file is damaged (error code: 1).

    Then when trying to save a new document, an error message appeared reading:

    Cannot save “Untitled-2” under a new name. The file “DBTmp52031049602153” is damaged. (Error code: 0).

    Can you help? I opened and saved a document in InDesign yesterday. I’m not sure why it won’t let me do such a simply procedure today?

    Thank you.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      If you can open the document, export it as an IDML file, and then open it and try again. Please ask this type of question in the forum:

    • jessN says:

      for some reason, the folder that holds the file is corrupted. if you do a “save as” and save the file to your desktop (or to a newly created folder that is completely outside of the corrupted folder) you’ll be able to save the file.

      alternatively, you could just drag the file (and your links!) outside of the corrupted folder (i just dragged everything to the desktop and made a new folder) and it should start working again.

  8. Patrycja says:

    I am trying to post my document on line, and when i go to package it for go live and it asks to save a get a message error that “the above path is too long”, i try changing the name, even receiving the file but i keep getting the same message. what should i do?

  9. John Cheung says:

    Adobe Indesign cannot load the HL COMPOSER.RPLN plug-in. The HL COMPOSER.RPLN plug-in requires the 2.2 version of Indesign.

  10. ioana says:

    i’ve instal idd on mac and it says “disk inage failed to mount – error-4960”. please help. thank you.

  11. John says:

    When it was extracting, an error popped up and said. disk image failed to mount. error 4960. help?

  12. Dotty says:

    i am trying to do a picture slideshow and when i followed the tutorial from adobe to place the picture indesigns crashes and closes…i do not understand why..

  13. Stefan says:

    Hi I tried to open a CS3 InDesign file and I get the message?

    Please up-date your plug ins to their latest versions, or update to the latest version of InDesign. We are currently using CS4 but a friend of mine has tried to open this same file using CS5 and he still gets the same error message.

    Can you enlighten me please?


  14. linck says:

    I have an error where it says the computer needs to be restarted to open this application which is indesign, then it says error: 3

  15. WEW says:

    error 4960?????

  16. Peter says:

    I have a MAC and use chrome as my browser. I have CS5.5 (recent purchase). I cannot save indesign files and get the following message: File DBT mp289-646279804 is damaged (error code: 0). Can you help please. Thnak you.

  17. leila says:

    errore 16 di configurazione.

  18. leila says:

    “16 configuration error. uninstalled and rinstallate the product”…..I make the suggested operation but then keeps repeating the same mistake…!

  19. for about two weeks I keep getting the error message that my adobe flash player update service must close. its very annoying. i can’t get rid of it

  20. Martin says:

    Hey. I have a problem with my Indesign. It pops up an error 2 mesage and then it crashes down. I wuld be grateful if you culd tell me some solutions. Thenk you for help.

    Martin Vrtačnik

  21. jessica says:

    I have had to re install CS6 4 times now after getting an error message about 2 weeks after installing the new indesign program

  22. Lucas Raphael says:

    Tento abrir um arquivo e aparece a seguinte mensagem: ” O documento foi editado em uma versão PRELIMINAR do InDesign.

    Por favor me ajudem!

  23. kaye wood says:

    When I try to save or save as an indesign file, I get a message:
    Cannot save____ under a new name. The file “DBTmp12415-1691149987 is damaged. (Error code: 0)

  24. Dan Lyons says:

    When I attempt to print to PDF from InDesign I receive an error message: “Could not find the application that created this file” The file was originally saved on my desktop but I have also made a duplicate in a specific file folder as a back-up. Regardless of which InDesign location is selected the message continues with a comment “Please select a file created by an application that resides on your computer”. I am running the CS5 Master Collection and have re-installed it and the associated Acrobat installation disk 3 times; has Acrobat 9. I tried downloading updates and updated versions but nothing works. The output process apparently “hangs” whenever attempting to flatten the file. Obviously InDesign IS on the computer along with Acrobat. How do I get Print to PDF to work without this problem? I prefer to not use outside software to create PDF files ad would like to keep my work in the Adobe family, but can’t understand why it fails to find Adobe InDesign. HELP!

  25. rebecca says:

    HI, I have a problem! I keep getting the message when I try to save my indesign document under a new name that it is damaged with an error code 1. When I try to export the document as a pdf indesign crashes and then it say cant open the acrobat file. This document is about 100 pages. Created in indesign cs6 on a mac moutain lion
    Can anyone advise PLEASE

  26. Nicole Felderman says:

    While trying to Check In an InDesign file using Smart Connection in InDesign Cs5.5 I have received the following error message: Error storing the document to the server. Detail : http error 100 Failure when receiving data from the peer (56). Any suggestions?