Updated InDesign QuarkXPress Conversion Guide

The Adobe InDesign CS4 Conversion Guide is now available. It includes chapters on the “Top 10 Differences You Need to Understand,” the “Top 25 Shortcuts You Should Know,” and more handy reference material.

For additional QuarkXPress resources, see the Help topic on opening QuarkXPress documents in InDesign.

One Response to Updated InDesign QuarkXPress Conversion Guide

  1. Cool, but, why not just mention Markzware’s Q2ID Plug-in for CS3 and CS4? It will convert all version of QuarkXPress, including 7 and 8 into Adobe InDesign CS3 or CS4 type documents. It is as easy as one-click. Here is a little video on how easy it is: Q2ID demo video Link[Yes, I’ve heard good things about Markzware’s plug-ins, but I’ve never used them myself. Thanks for the link. -Bob]