April Help Updates

More new topics added to InDesign Help.

Create calendars and business cards from templates – “Calendar” is a popular search term, so I wanted to add a Help topic that points users to the community sites where they can find templates for creating calendars, business cards, resumes, flyers, and other specialized documents. Please leave a comment in that topic if you’re aware of good InDesign template sites.

Determine the word count – I had documented how to determine word counts and character counts, but searches for “word counts” haven’t been bringing up the right Help topics. So I added this little topic to make it more explicit and improve the search experience.

Editing hyperlinks imported from Word – Several people have asked questions in the user forum about how to avoid getting the white boxes around hyperlinks in imported documents. I wrote this topic to address that issue.

Page transitions – This isn’t actually a new topic. In fact, I removed a topic that explained the two methods for adding page transitions. In usability testing, the additional information confused users. I simplified the topic by removing the steps on using the Page Transitions dialog box. It’s just as well, since that dialog box is redundant with the Page Transitions panel.

Dynamic web documents for Flash – To unclutter the Help topic on exporting interactive documents to Flash, I broke the old topic out into three new topics: Create interactive SWF (Flash) files for the web, Create interactive XFL (Flash) for the web, and Flash export issues. I also edited a topic called Exporting content to the web to provide links and a better overview of different ways to export InDesign content to the web.

Create arrows using start and end shapes – This topic hasn’t been coming up when people search for “arrows” or “arrowheads.” Let’s hope it does now so people can see how easy it is to create arrows in InDesign.

Create button hot spots – I converted a couple of blog entries into Help topics: Display a hidden image on rollover and Display a different button on rollover. I also changed the title of the Add button states for rollover effects topic.

Unable to select objects – Troubleshooting topic.

Finally, in the Insert straight quotation marks topic, I provided a tip on adding prime and double-prime glyphs.

Got all that, Google?

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