Help Update – New Topics

Whenever I create new Help topics, I need to link to them from an external source like this blog to get search engines to recognize them.

New Topics

Add basic page numbering – When different search terms such as “page numbers” and “page numbering” are combined, this subject is the number one search in InDesign. Based on feedback I’ve been receiving, it appears that some novice users are having a difficult time finding the information they need. The problem is that information on page numbers is intertwined with more advanced pagination tasks. So I created a “basic” topic for novice users and added links to more advanced topics. I think this is a better approach. Now I just need to make this new topic popular enough to appear near the top of search results. (Hey, if you have a blog, please find an excuse to link to this topic.)

Removing white box effect in documents with transparency – In this case, I needed to break the record for the longest Help topic title. Also, this issue has been reported in forums, and it makes sense for it to appear more explicitly in Help. David Blatner wrote about eliminating the white box effect on the InDesign Secrets site.

Adding SWF files in InDesign – QuickTime is required to play videos in PDF documents exported from InDesign CS4. Unfortunately, QuickTime doesn’t play SWF files as well as it used to. This new Help topic briefly covers problems associated with adding SWF files to InDesign documents, and recommends adding the SWF files in Acrobat 9, which uses Adobe’s built-in Flash Player to play SWF files.

Other Housecleaning

These Help topics should appear higher than related Help topics in search results: Preflight panel overview, Adding transparency effects, Tabs and indents, Add basic page numbering (it can’t hurt to link to it twice, right?), Hyphenate text, Check spelling, Change document setup, margins, and columns, Gradients, Layers, and Create masters.

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