New and Improved Adobe Forums

Legacy Adobe and Macromedia forums have been integrated onto a single platform at


* Rich text options: inline images and videos, file attachments, code samples

* Integration of Adobe ID for true single sign on to all Forums

* Consolidation of Macromedia and Adobe Forums onto one new system.

* Updated look and feel, more consistent with other forum systems

* Email participation, including starting a new discussion and alerts

* RSS feeds for many parts of the forum (topics, users, announcements, etc.)

* Improved moderation capabilities (hosts can delete inappropriate content)

* Improved search capabilities, including wildcard searches and fuzzy searches

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6 Responses to New and Improved Adobe Forums

  1. Scott says:

    New the forums are. Improved they most certainly are not.• Constantly crashed Mobile Safari, making it unusable on an iPhone.• S L O W.• There’s a totally useless “Remember Me” button in login. Clicking it does not do anything and I must login each time I return to the forum.• No way to show images inline, They must me attached as icons that users then click on to view.• S L O W.• No Main bookmarking page that the old forums supported. Navigating between different areas requires much mouse clicking and menu selection.• S L O W.• Also, not very quick.The new forum will effectively drive away a great deal of the free support we have been giving Adobe to supplement their cheap lack of printed documentation.Like most decisions Adobe has made in the last five years, this one will end up making things worse, not better. I have no hope that Adobe will ever regain their lead in making good software and useful websites. The sooner someone comes up with a viable replacement for Illustrator, the better we all will be.[You may want to voice your comments]]

  2. Eliot Ness says:

    Adobe’s InDesign CS4 is a FANTASTIC product but … the gray-tone visual interface is very, very hard to use, even for someone with reasonably good vision.Adobe could do its clients a real service by offering us alternative ‘skins’ with contrasting pastels and other color choices for various buttons.

  3. Trix says:

    Adobe forums are down. Probably inundated with people who are trying to deal with CS4 bugs and crashes. I can’t believe how buggy Fireworks CS4 is. It crashes all the time. Certain features just don’t work. I really wanted the Master Collection, but not now, that’s for sure. I’m afraid of what it might do to InDesign and Photoshop, my two bread-and-butters, not to mention Illustrator.Wow, if there were another company who could make software as good as Adobe products used to be – CS the original comes to mind – I’d move over in a heartbeat. Now it seems that every time Adobe puts out another version, they mess it up more and more. And we’ll pay a small fortune to put up with it. Not any more. I wish I could return Fireworks CS4 and get CS3 instead.

  4. Killers says:

    Friends,How to invisible first page of PDF, but first page should display while printing.I selected 1st page using presenece “visible(print only” but its not displaying the content. Page shows empty details.I dont want to display the empty page, page details should display while printing only.

  5. alex says:

    I work in Indesign on macs and have other departments doing flyers in publisher on PC. Anyway to create templates in indesign which they will be able to utilize in their programs. Saw a link where you could use a plug in indesign to place publisher files. Looking to do it the other way, so non-designers do not design. Thanks for your time

  6. vini says:

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