Best InDesign Links of May

Here are a few of the best tutorials and articles that came out in May.

InDesign Eye Candy

Need inspiration for using transparency effects? Check out Mike Rankin’s excellent three-part series: Part I, Part II, and Part III. The folks at InDesign Secrets continue to amaze.

Using Camera Raw with InDesign

Can you use Camera Raw photos in InDesign? Watch this tutorial by Layers Magazine and find out. While you’re at it, check out these other Layers Magazine tutorials.

InDesign Snippets

Neil Oliver at Creative Mentor has created a bunch of excellent videos, including this one about using snippets.

Tools and Their Modifier Keys (PDF)

Mike Witherell creates excellent PDF cheat sheets for InDesign, including this one that describes all the tools, their shortcuts, and how modifier keys affect the tools.

New presentations

Keith Gilbert points out the new slide presentation beta software that you can play around with.

InDesign and Acrobat Forms

I already mentioned Gabriel Powell’s excellent new video on creating forms in InDesign and Acrobat, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again.

Style Mapping Presets Bug

InDesign news isn’t always cheerful. Michael Murphy mentions a nasty bug that prevents style mappings from being remembered in saved presets. The InDesign team is working on a fix. Michael also uncovered a hidden GREP feature in this article.

By the way, take a look at Michael’s book, Adobe InDesign CS4 Styles. It’s one of my favorite InDesign books.

InCopy CS4 Hands-On Guide

Anne-Marie includes hands-on exercises and sample files to help you learn the InDesign/InCopy workflow.

100 Wicked Tips

These tips cover all the Creative Suite apps. Michael Ninness wrote the InDesign section.

Multitouch Now

“Panning and zooming are key parts of any creative workflow, but alone would be pretty inefficient when navigating through multi-page documents. In InDesign, in addition to the pan and zoom gestures, you can use the three-finger swipe gesture to quickly go to the previous or next page. Here’s another gesture you can use on pages: the rotate gesture can turn the current spread 90 degrees, so you can flip between landscape and portrait orientations. If you have an object selected, meanwhile, the rotate gesture will instead act upon that object, enabling you to rotate it with fine control.”

Working with Indents, Tabs, and Text Wrap in InDesign CS4

Terry White’s video is a good getting started resource for anyone working with indents, tabs, and — you guessed it — text wrap.

By the way, here’s a good collection of InDesign resources: 15 Great Resources for Learning InDesign. The author mentioned a couple of resources that I wasn’t aware of.

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