Updated (9/22): Excerpts from InDesign Books

Adobe has an agreement with Adobe Press and Peachpit Press that allows me to request excerpts from books to be published on the web. Once these excerpts are made available, I link to them from the related Help topics. If you can’t find the information you need in the Help topic, you may be able to answer your question in these books.

In September 2009, several excerpts from the great InDesign CS4 Real World book were made available.

Here’s an updated list:

Adobe InDesign RealWorld CS4 by David Blatner and Olav Kvern

I scored a copy of Adobe InDesign Real World CS4. I highly recommend this book.Interesting factoid – Ole Kvern and I worked together on the InDesign 1.0 user guide.Excerpt: Interactive documentsDynamic documents Help chapterExcerpt: XMLXML Help chapterExcerpt: Paragraph RulesAdd rules (lines) above or below paragraphs Help topicExcerpt: Text WrapWrapping text around objects Help topicExcerpt: TablesTables Help chapterExcerpt: Placing Text on a PathCreating type on a path Help topic

Adobe InDesign RealWorld CS3 by David Blatner and Olav Kvern

Here are excerpts from Real World InDesign CS3. I also provided the corresponding CS4 Help topics:Excerpt: FootnotesFootnotes Help topicExcerpt: Inline Frames and Anchored ObjectsAnchored objects Help topicExcerpt: Text VariablesText variables Help topicExcerpt: Working with Master SpreadsMaster pages Help topicExcerpt: Bullets and Numbering in InDesign CS3Bullets and numbering Help topicExcerpt: TrappingTrapping color Help topicExcerpt: BooksCreating book files Help topicExcerpt: Table of ContentsCreating a table of contents Help topicExcerpt: Indexes (indices)Creating an index Help topicExcerpt: Exporting PDFExport to PDF Help topic

Adobe InDesign Styles

I got a copy of Michael Murphy’s new book a few months ago. It’s great. By learning how to use styles with various InDesign features, you can tap into unknown capabilities and simplify your workflows. Check out these excerpts to see what I mean.Running Header Text VariablesWorking With Styles, CSS, and XML in Adobe InDesign CS4

InDesign CS3 Visual Quickstart Guide by Sandee Cohen

Sandee’s book is a great reference guide, especially for beginners. The InDesign CS4 QuickStart Guide is available, but I requested these still-valid excerpts from the CS3 book.Excerpt: <a href="http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1324238 “>Color ManagementColor management Help topicExcerpt: Libraries and Snippets Use snippets Help topicExcerpt: Working in ColorColor Help chapterExcerpt: Points and PathsDrawing with the Pen tool Help topic

Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book

Excerpts: Working with Long Documents lessonLong document features Help topicGetting to Know InDesign lessonGetting started in InDesign Help topic

Instant InDesign by Gabriel Powell

Another fine InDesign book. Check out Gabriel’s instantindesign.com website for videos and other resources.Excerpts:Step-by-step Approach to Designing TemplatesSeven Principles of Great Template DesignGetting Your Feet Wet with InDesign CS3 TemplatesUse document templates Help topic

Moving to InDesign by various authors

Good resource for anyone making the transition from QuarkXPress or PageMaker to InDesign.Excerpt: Part 4: Building DocumentsConvert PageMaker documents Help topicExcerpt: Chapter 1: Top Ten Gotchas for QuarkXPress UsersOpen QuarkXPress documents in InDesign Help topic

A Designer’s Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML by James J. Maivaid

If you need to use XML and InDesign, this book is a must.Excerpt: Chapter 2: InDesign’s XML FeaturesXML Help chapter

Mastering InDesign CS3 for Print Design and Production by Pariah S. Burke

Excerpts:Chapter 1: Customizing (PDF)Chapter 12: CollaborationThat’s it for now.As a bonus, I’m adding this free link to the Create text frames Help topic. (If you really want to know why I’m linking to this topic, it’s because users searching for “text box” in our custom search engine aren’t getting good results, and I want to boost this topic by linking to it. Just a little housecleaning.)

6 Responses to Updated (9/22): Excerpts from InDesign Books

  1. terri says:

    How do I do barcharts and pie charts in InDesign? Read about doing in Excel and export out to Illustrator but cumbersome. Anything better? Doing alot of revisions for a fin’l document. Anything to make it easier would be appreciated.[I’m not aware of anything better than the Excel/Illustrator workflow. You may want to ask this in the user forum:www.adobe.com/support/forums-Bob]

  2. Mark Hebert says:

    I do this all the time and have two different work flow solutions. As far as I know, there is no plug-in to do this directly in InDesign. Since I consider the rest of the CS Suite plug-ins for ID anyway, I don’t see the need.1) Excel to PDF- for ones that come from someone’s else’s design or idea that you must use or you are under a time crunch. Make sure you clean it up (remove legend, etc.) before either ‘Save As..’or export to PDF from Excel or ‘Open’ in Acrobat.2) Illustrator to .ai- for ones you need to dress up really swell. The ‘Graph’ tool hasn’t been updated in the last decade but it is usable. I use the 3D effects to ‘wow’ the punters.Import either into InDesign. Keep them as data in your ‘Images’ folder always! Don’t ever convert them to art (in other words, don’t disconnect the chart from the data in the spreadsheet), so you can do the inevitable changes that come down.

  3. Thanks, Bob! Yes, Real World InDesign CS4 is widely available from amazon.com, bn.com, and your local bookstore. Enjoy!

  4. Pariah Burke says:

    Great list, Bob, but you left out the excerpts from Mastering InDesign CS3 for Print Design and Production.Chapter 1: Customizinghttp://media.wiley.com/product_data/excerpt/68/04701145/0470114568.pdfFrom Chapter 12: Collaboration:http://quarkvsindesign.com/articles/a1/features/2007/indesign-cs3-mastering-design-collaboration/{I’ll update the list now. Thanks for letting me know.}

  5. Cate says:

    I just copied and pasted from Excel to InDesign. You can format the chart in Excel to remove lines, background, etc. then copy and paste. Scale to fit in InDesign.

  6. Meghan says:

    How do I use the color pattern on a photo and turn it into a swatch to use for fill on text? For example, if I have a photo of the sky and I want my text to be blue with clouds… I want to know how to create a swatch from a photo. Sampling with the eyedropper just give me the one pixel of color and not the entire pattern.