Using Adobe Products with Snow Leopard (Mac OSX)

If you’re a Mac user and you’ve upgrading or are thinking about upgrading to the new version of Mac OS X 10.6 (called Snow Leopard), you may run across a few issues, which are not specific to Adobe products

Applications crash when saving to file servers through SMB protocol (Mac OS X 10.6)

Files may not open in original authoring application (Mac OS X 10.6)

Firefox 3.x crashes when trying to use the Adobe Downloader (Mac OS X 10.6)

Acrobat 9 “Save As Adobe PDF” Support in Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6)

(For more details on this PDF issue, see Steve Werner’s article: Acrobat’s Adobe PDF Printer Replaced in Snow Leopard)

Here’s the Snow Leopard FAQ.

36 Responses to Using Adobe Products with Snow Leopard (Mac OSX)

  1. The second “Files may not open in original authoring application” is awfull. Has Apple really tossed in the hat and given up on one of the Mac’s most marvelous features?I can understand why Unix would remain hung up on a rigid link between file extensions and applications. Geeks like things to be rigid, complicated and mess. It affirms their geekiness. And I can understand why Microsoft wouldn’t follow Apple’s lead in this. Microsoft is clueless when it comes to developing a likable user interface.But why would Apple give up something this useful for something so frustrating? Will users have to endure all RTF files opening in Word? Apparently so. As poorly designed as it is, RTF has become the standard for exchanging formatted text. And will we have to choose if a jpg opens in Preview, Photoshop or whatever? Terrible. I may adopt a policy of posting a change suggestion about this with Apple every time it bugs me.Why can’t Snow Leopard do what Macs have always done and reopen a document in the application that saved it? It’s like four bytes for that bit of identification. It’s not like that’s going to fill up the hard drives we have today or that the process of figuring that out will slow down our 2+ GHz machines.And if that wonderful little bit of identification gets lost moving through a Linux or Windows server, so what? I’t merely put us occasionally in the sort of situation that this dreadful new idea wants to impose on us all the time. “Don’t like getting mugged every time you go down that street,” Apple is saying, “well we fix it so you get mugged every time you go down any street.”I don’t give this idea two thumbs down. I give it all ten fingers and a loud Bronx cheer. Way to go Apple. You just stripped Macs of one of their nicest features and for what, to fit in with the Windows crowd? How pitiful.

  2. pete Wetmore says:

    indesign crashes in 10.6 if you try to print

  3. DrWatson says:

    Did Adobe already get to know about the phenomenon of a VERY slow Distiller in Mac OS X 10.6? By “slow” I mean 94 seconds vs. 7 seconds (same ps-file, same settings, Distiller 9.1, 10.6 vs. 10.5.8). There’s one mention in Adobe forums, couldn’t find more, so this maybe isn’t a widespread problem? It is one here, actually ;(.

  4. Barbara Daniels says:

    Re: Photoshop Elements 4 (for Mac)Simple question: does it work with Snow Leopard?Thank you.

  5. Bob Bringhurst says:

    I don’t know if there are any issues with Photoshop Elements on Snow Leopard. You may want to ask in the forum:

  6. Why can’t Snow Leopard do what Macs have always done and reopen a document in the application that saved it?Not sure what is going on in your experience but mine open up just fine in the document application that saved it.Steve

  7. Andrew Katz says:

    Another simple question: InDesign 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 does not launch in Snow Leopard. Is there going to be a fix, or do I have to purchase an Adobe Upgrade? And if so, what should I buy???

    • gege says:

      Indesign2 launched successfully on Snow Leopard.
      Copy the whole Indesign2 folder on a USB Key with FAT32 formatting then launch it from the key

  8. michael kilpatrick says:

    When I go to start indesign CS4 it crashes when I open a new document- what upgrade should I buy or can I get to fix it- I tried reinstalling it and it doesn’t fix it.

  9. Pete says:

    The “Save As Adobe PDF” Automator action works in other apps (e.g. Safari, Mail, etc.), but when used from InDesign (File > Print > Printer… > PDF > Save As Adobe PDF) it fails every time!

  10. matthew newman says:

    I have the same problem, a little research shows that CS3 and CS4 do work with Snow Leopard, but I can’t find any way to get InDesign 2.02 to launch.

  11. Barry Clegg says:

    Did you ever find a fix for opening InDesign 2.0.1 in Snow Leopard? I have the same problem, but no solution!gk5j2m

  12. Jörg Lehn says:

    Since installing MacOS X 10.6 – Snow Leopard as you all know by now – Adobe Acrobat allways crahes when I try to print a PDF of any content or source. Well it doesn’t perticulary crash it just closes itself without any errormessage – except for the mandatory apple report. As I’ve read someone had the same or kind of alike problem.The question:Is there any information as to why that happens, or any fix?with regardsJörg Lehn

  13. Kenneth Boreman says:

    I just bought a new mac with OS 10.6 allready installed. InDesign 2.02 cant be opened!! One of my most used software in my mac. Have someone any inputs regarding this, have not found anything on Adobes homepage./Kenneth

  14. Linda says:

    Did you ever receive any answers from your post? Since upgrading to Snow Leopard I am unable to even open my Photoshop Elements.

  15. Leo Revzin says:

    InDesign 2 is NOT compatible with Leopard, let alone Snow. Only CS3 and later is compatible.

  16. Sheryl Birkhead says:

    Just checking. Brand new iMac with 10.6.2 and multiple other compatibility issues (which I knew about before I bought this one- but I fried my G-4 and…). Uh- I have never figured out Photoshop and have an OLD version sitting around. The Apple guy suggested I might find Phtotshop elements a little more handleable and certainly more affordable. BUT-it looks as if the consensus is–don’t count on it being compatible with Snow Leopard- yes? no? Just asking.

  17. Max says:

    Did you manage to get indesign to work for sow leopard? I still can’t! if you can help i’d really appreciate a quick email with advice!x

  18. Nick says:

    same problem with indesign cs4 and SL. Program loads up fine but as soon as u try to start a new document or open a file, you get the beachball of death and you’re locked up.

  19. jimi says:

    InDesign does not open for me in Snow Leopard either. Is there an upgrade?

  20. Susan Densmore says:

    Just spoke with three different people at Adobe. InDesign 2.0.2 is incompatible with Snow Leopard and although they offer an upgrade for as far back as Pagemaker! They do not offer one for 2.0.2! You ahve to plunk down $700 for an entirely new license! What a ripoff! Anyone find any other solution?

  21. ray reynolds says:

    I also bought a new imac with 10.6 but am going back to Leopard from Time machine backup. Leopard won’t install either on this mac.

  22. I, too, am having an issue with InDesign CS3 and Snow Leopard. Documents open. I can modify and save them, but I cannot print. My workaround: Exporting document as PDF and printing using Apple’s Preview. Not a very good solution, but at least it’s something.

  23. Dana McClure says:

    I’m running 10.6.3 and all my CS3 apps seem to be running fine except for InDesign. Looks like the last reply is running the program fine on Snow Leopard, aside from printing. When I attempt, the program will not even open. Any suggestions?

  24. Jay Sanborn says:

    Anyone have a fix for installing Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 on Snow Leopard? Will not let me install as it only goes up to OSX 10.5, is there a patch or fix yet for this?

  25. Carlos Rosales says:

    I am a Mac since the Mac came out. Love my mac (should say my many macs)
    But since snow came out it seems to me that apple became the bad guys. I remember the time when nobody gave a… about apple and we defend them and make many people buy in to it.
    Now in order to run Indesign 2, I need an older mac, to run my CS3 I need a different mac with Mac OS 4.555555555 or so and in order to run CS4 I need a different machine let alone CS5 That is not right. I can’t control what version my clients use; to bad.
    I want a mac that can run all of the different animals (panthers, tigers, leopards etc)
    Sorry just venting.

  26. Ambrose says:

    InDesign 2 actually works in Snow Leopard (you just need to get Rosetta installed somehow, for me my scanner driver asked me), but is very Slow. What doesn’t work is Distiller. It pretends to run, then fails with a “no PDF file created” message. Does anyone have any success getting Distiller (that comes with CS2) run?

  27. Zoetmb says:

    After I installed Snow Leopard and tried to open InDesign2.0.2, it told me it was installing Rosetta, but ID2 still crashes whenever I try to open it. How do I confirm that Rosetta was installed and if it wasn’t, how do I get it installed?

  28. Melissa A. says:

    I too am a mac since the Mac came out and have been struggling with many of my app’s not working, printers not working (only on this Snow Leopard) and InDesign 2.0.2 not opening – even after rosetta. Worried to upgrade to newer ID3 or even ID4, ID5 – not impressed and kicking myself for throwing away valuable money on this new computer / OS. Would appreciate getting the InDesign issue cleared up so I can get back to work – soon!

  29. M Bucci says:

    The InDesign 2 problem has plagued me since upgrading too. I own ID CS4 upgrade for both Mac and Windows, but prefer ID2, which runs perfectly in Vista and Win7 (sorry, I’m old fashioned about using original apps whenever possible). My work-around is ridiculous and you will laugh… I installed OS X 10.5 Server in VMware Fusion and assigned it 1.5 GB. (OS X 10.5, by the way, will install in VirtualBox (free from Oracle) but crawls slower than a snail) PPC apps run faster with more resilience in OSX 10.5 than OSX 10.6, and some like ID2 can run only on 10.5 or earlier. Consequently, I use OSX 10.5 in “virtual” on top of Snow Leopard when working with ID 2.0 files and others. I also use Vista in “virtual”. In short, I left Mac years ago when it shut-down Classic and saw the day it would shut off more and more legacy apps and users (for new hardware sales). Each generation of OSX leaves behind a greater and greater history of Mac users and apps. Windows 7, at least, runs almost every 32-bit PC app I’ve owned from 1995 (whether you love or hate Microsoft, this is the case).

    Eventually, I ,like others, will have to convert everything to Windows. Apple, on the other hand, will be merging the Mac universe with the Tablet and iPad one, and that will be a delight to the new generation of users but a nightmare for oldsters like me.

  30. Paul Sargent says:

    Why can’t I use the ‘click to attach this PDF to a new email message’ in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.2.0?

    Any solutions would be much appreciated



  31. I bought and installed Acrobat on my OS 10.6.6 but it doesn’t seem to launch.

  32. Molly says:

    Having LOTS of trouble with my Adobe apps since installing Snow Leopard. InDesign CS2 crashes a lot, has trouble keeping the type an images on the screen plus lots of other little annoying glitches. Illustrator and Photoshop seem to work a little better for now….

  33. Linda says:

    CS2 on Snow Leopard / iMac –when making any changes to text (font type, size, leading, etc), the contents of the text frame disappears almost all of the time. All the time, though, when any change is being made to the page, the change does not instantly apply. I must click the page with the mouse for the change to apply… but the change sometimes does not apply at all. I did a lot of searching online to see if CS2 works with Snow Leopard before making the operating system upgrade. I saw far more reporting “Yes it works” than “No it doesn’t” and I didn’t find any reports showing “There are glitches,” such as what I am experiencing. Adobe or Apple should do a better job of letting folks know what’s going on with this combination.

  34. Jess says:

    Has anyone managed to get around the loading issues for ID4 that were having it? I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and everything works fine apart from InDesign CS4, which doesn’t even load up. Like others this is my most used software from Adobe CS so is infuriating! If anyone has a solution please send me an email, thanks.