InDesign and Windows 7

It looks like both InDesign CS3 and InDesign CS4 are compatible with Windows 7. Here’s a press release I received this morning:

Adobe today confirmed that Creative Suite 4 and future versions of Creative Suite will run on Windows 7. Adobe has tested its Creative Suite 4 family of products and components on Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition and found the performance held up to the company’s high standards of quality and performance. Creative Suite 3 has also been tested and will support Windows 7 without any updates. Older versions of the software may run on Windows 7, but they have not been tested for compatibility.

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21 Responses to InDesign and Windows 7

  1. John Gasu says:

    Thank you for this immediate info I have been wondering about the compatibility.But how can I install QuarkXpress 8 and Adobe CS3 the last time I did it my CS3 crash after installing QuarkXpress 8

  2. Gilbert Gonzalez says:

    I just installed windows 7 and I am trying to install Adobe Creative suite 8 desighn standard and it will not install. It stops after the first two items install, then the rest show as failed.What do I do now?Gilbert Gonzalez

  3. Jon Krienitz says:

    I am having an issue with indesign cs3 outputting a postcript file to a Rip. It will not send properly. I am thinking this could be because of an improper ppd. It was working fine with my windows xp box, but upon a purchase of a windows 7 box and installation of cs3, I have this issue. I read something about outputting to a pdf/x-1a file?My rip will read pdf files but would prefer to keep as a postcript. Any insight on this issue?

  4. Pam says:

    I have a new computer-not voluntarily, I might add, and it came with windows 7. I work mostly in Indesign cs3 and photoshop 7. two problems I’m having: I’m working along on indesign, and all of a sudden -poof-indesign closes. It will not restart until I restart the computer, at which point it is fine until it poofs again. This was driving me crazy, as I had a deadline before Christmas. Photoshop is strange-seems to be fine, but will not let me use the polyganol lasso tool-I will make a few clicks, and then the screen will blink, and when it clears, it has selected whatever it wants. This happens constantly-makes the polyganol lasso tool useless. Illustrator I have tried and had problems with, but I don’t use it as often, so I haven’t messed with it yet. Does anyone either know if all this has to do with windows 7, or know what to do about either problem? Thanks in advance! Pam

  5. Alan Corcoran says:

    It may work on the 32 bit version of Windows 7 but neither CS3 or CS4 will properly install on Win7 Pro 64 bit, nor can you run the internal Adobe updater. You can sort of edit files but it is prone to random crashes and I don’t trust it. I am going to use mu old CS3 on my old CP pro notebook until the bugs get worked out.

  6. Reid in Colorado says:

    I just got done with an online chat with Adobe support and they said that my InDesign CS1 will not work on Windows 7 and that my only path is to buy a new InDesign as if i am a new customer. That is sad. There should be some better answer than having to spend $700.

  7. Jean-Jacques MONOD says:

    I have also the same problem. I bought a new Notebook PC with Windows 7 and I cannot load the programm In Design CS3.Now I work correctly on a other PC with Windows XP. Are you sure that the version CS4 run correctly with Win 7. But this version is very expensive.Best regards.

  8. Eb says:

    I got a new laptop with windows 7 Home Premium, I could not install InDesign CS2. I found a solution but needs some tweeking.I installed a virtual pc on the system then installed Windows xp. I ran the Virtual Windows Xp and installed InDesign CS2. It worked but I have two problems to solve:The Virtual screen is not running full secreenI also need to fine a way to share files between the guest pc and the virtual learn how to install virtual pc:

  9. amber says:

    It seems to me that CS4 is only confirmed for Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition – but what about the other editions… I have HOME PREMIUM. I have a good price on CS4 but have to buy within the next 36 hours so I am searching like crazy for an answer… is CS4 compatible with the HOME PREMIUM edition of Windows 7?

  10. PR company says:

    I just installed windows 7 and I am trying to install Adobe Creative suite 8 design standard now. Thanks for the info.

  11. Fredd Ghahyasi says:

    My postcript file to PDF is incompelete. Some pages are translated fine but, others are missing some data. Can someone tell me what the problem is ?
    Thanks. I am using 9.3.4 Adobe

  12. Peter van Marissing says:

    Who knows if Indesign CS runs with Windows 7?
    Thank you,

    • LegacyUser says:

      Don’t know about Indesign CS, but I just installed Indesign 2.02 (released 2002) to Windows 7 64bit Home Premium. First ID2 installer did not work at all, but when I changed Setup.exe’s compatibilty mode to “Windows XP SP2”, it worked.. It may be a good idea to set compatibility mode to XP in all of the .exe-files in Indesign setup directory (root) before installation. Hope this helps somebody. Thanks.

  13. Luis Costa says:

    Good Night,

    I have installed on my PC the windows 7 and also the CS3, but when I’m working on it asks me a message saying that windows encountered an error in aplocação and therefore the application will close CS3.
    Somebody help me?

  14. Benjamin Gohs says:

    I just installed adobe cs3 on my new laptop which has windows 7 and it crashes everytime I open a file. It tells me it will have trouble opening templates and when it does open the templates which come with cs3 they are buggy and prone to crashing. wish I would have known this before we shelled out bucks on a new computer.
    I tried running in compatability mode as my desdtop has windows vista home premium service pack 2 and cs3 works great on it. but it still crashes before it will even open an already created document on my windows 7 laptop.
    I don’t have time to create an entire 20 page newspaper template from scratch so I guess I’m screwed.

  15. Charles says:

    Please I need help in installing Indesign software.
    It keeps telling me to check my system update before installing and I have no idea on doing that.
    Please help me out.

  16. Malcolm York says:

    Just installed InDesign and fair to say had a few issues, however great post really helpful

  17. E Salas says:

    Windows 7 does not love my CS4, resolved one Photoshop problem of multiple tools, changed the dpi to 149. InDesign is a bigger issue. My tools freeze. Sometimes shortcuts work sometimes they don’t. Still looking for answers. Will check the Bob’s suggestion and check his link.

  18. I have a brand new HP hard drive installed with Windows 7. I have been trying to install Adobe Flash cs3 Pro but every time I do I only get to the System check dialog. The text says ; ‘Adobe Flash CS3 cannot be installed because it conflicts with Adobe Flash CS3’.
    I previously had Windows XP with a trial cs3, but it crashed and I bought a complete system using Windows 7. I have cleaned out all of previous files but whatever I did nothing helped. What can I do now>?.
    George Wagner