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December 2009 InDesign Links

I decided to take a small break from writing about the cool new InDesign features to link to a few resources I like.

Blatner Tools for Adobe InDesign – David offers a collection of 12 InDesign plug-ins that adds over 100 new features to InDesign CS3 and CS4.

Holiday Papercraft – Mike Rankin teaches you how to use InDesign to create a holiday ornament for a Christmas tree.


Script for Balancing Ragged Lines – Keith Gilbert’s script gives you more control over which line should be longer.

Setting tabs videos – In the Set tabs help topic, someone left a comment complaining about how difficult it is to set tabs. So I asked Neil Oliver to make a video on creating tabs, and went above and beyond the call of duty, creating a series of videos on creating tabs. Thanks again, Neil!

Creating an eBook with InDesign Part I and Part II – Gabriel Powell walks you through the steps of creating an eBook (also called EPUB) document in InDesign. Gabriel also provides a more in-depth study in the Oct/Nov issue of InDesign Magazine, a truly excellent resource. Oh, and he tells how to use the Oxygen XML editor to edit EPUB files.

OpenType Fractions Guide (PDF) – Anne-Marie Concepción shows what happens when you apply the OpenType: Fractions feature to different kinds of fractions set in each of the 30+ OpenType fonts that are bundled with the Creative Suite. Oldie but goodie.

Designing Forms for InDesign – Michael Murphy takes a look at adding form elements to an InDesign layout to create Acrobat-friendly checkboxes, radio buttons and comb fields, all of which can be achieved with a little help from anchored objects, GREP find/change and tables.

(You can find other resources for creating forms in the Create PDF forms Help topic.)

Using Text Wrap within a Table – James Fritz explains how to get text to wrap around a picture in a table cell.

Super Strokes in InDesign – Jeff Witchel’s video from Layers Magazine teaches you how to use the Stroke panel to create special effects.

Remove Unwanted Spaces in InDesign – Barb Binder has done a good job of promoting her training courses by writing thoughtful articles on various InDesign topics and linking to them in Help. Here’s an example.