A List of InDesign CS5 Videos

Here’s a list of InDesign videos. Many of them were created for InDesign CS4 or even CS3, but they’re still good learning tools for InDesign CS5.

InDesign CS5 Getting Started Videos

The Getting Started videos appear in the Learn InDesign CS5 section of Adobe TV.

Getting Started: What is InDesign CS5
Getting Started 1: Understanding the Application Window
Getting Started 2: New Documents
Getting Started 3: Adding Page Numbering
Getting Started 4: Understanding Text Frames
Getting Started 5: Importing Graphics
Getting Started 6: Selecting Objects

InDesign CS4 Getting Started Videos

These videos were created for InDesign CS4, but they’re good resources for InDesign CS5 as well.

Getting Started: 01 Starting a new document
Getting Started: 02 Making a text frame
Getting Started: 03 Character-level formatting
Getting Started: 04 Paragraph-level formatting
Getting Started: 05 Making a paragraph style
Getting Started: 06 Placing and flowing text
Getting Started: 07 Placing an image
Getting Started: 08 Wrapping text around a graphic

Page Layout Videos

Mixing page sizes with the new Page tool
Rotating spread view
Working with smart guides
Using Live Preflight
Using keyboard shortcuts
Working with master pages
Creating running headers and footers
Setting pagination
Defining sections

Text & Typography Videos

Working with text
Working with text styles
Track text changes
Creating conditional text
Applying GREP styles
Creating cross-references
Creating bullets and numbering
Using the Text Wrap panel
Finding and changing expressions, text, and object formatting
Working with Tabs in InDesign
Working with Microsoft Word and Excel tables in InDesign
Creating footnotes
Spanning and splitting columns
Paragraphs that span and split columns
Span/Split Columns
Document installed fonts

Table Videos

Creating and formatting tables
Adding headers and footers to tables
Placing images in tables
Using table styles

Combining Text & Graphics Videos

Using the Text Wrap panel
Working with anchored objects
Live Captions

Graphics and Objects Videos

Selection tool, Gap tool & Live Corner effects
Layers panel
Grid Mode and Live Distribute
Using the Links panel
Using object styles
Working with anchored objects
Creating drop shadows
Applying feathering to objects
Applying opacity effects
Setting opacity
Adobe Mini Bridge Panel and InDesign CS5
Bridging That Gap in InDesign

Long Document Videos

Synchronizing master pages
Creating a table of contents
Creating an index

Export & Interactivity Videos

Creating documents with Interactive features
Creating and editing motion presets
Exploring new FLA export options
Using InDesign CS5 Content in Flash Pro
InDesign and Acrobat Forms Workflow

Layers Magazine

View a list of video tutorials from Layers magazine.

Adobe TV

New videos are continually added to Adobe TV. Bookmark the InDesign page, and filter your results by unchecking categories on the right side of the page.

Find any other InDesign video resources on the web? Leave a comment.

17 Responses to A List of InDesign CS5 Videos

  1. Greg L. says:

    Hi,Problem with CS3 tables is that you can only have header, body, and footer row styles. I use my header row for the table title, so I need another row for the column and spanner heads, then rows for the body, then a footer row. In short what I really need is the flexibility to create a table with unlimited row or column cell styles. I am hoping CS5 solves this?

  2. Anna says:

    I wanted to report that link on video “Getting started # 5: importing images” has a wrong link to the previous one about text frames.

    It would be great to have a correct link to the right video. I think these videos are interesting and very useful!


  3. Prakash Sivakathirvelu says:

    We are facing a serious technical problem, Kindly look into this issue immediately

  4. Cyndie says:

    I have contacted Adobe several times looking for a CS5 master page tutorial. I keep getting sent here, where I get CS3 mater page tutorial. Does anyone have a link for CS5 master page tutorial?

    Thank you.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      I’m not aware of a free master page tutorial for InDesign CS5. You can go to the Lynda.com and Video2Brain sites to get a full set of videos, but you have to pay for those. What specifically are you looking for in your master page tutorial? Creating master pages is essentially the same in CS3 and CS5.

  5. Roy v.d. Westhuizen says:

    Using CS3, how do I print onto an Epson 9900 and make them look good? I had printed out of PS CS5 and the prints were lovely, but I cannot make them the precise correct size, i.e. 100 x 150 mm. This can be easily accomplished in ID, but printing is terrible (as it was out of PS CS 3). Would printing be better out of ID CS5? Or how do export them to CS PS5? I tried as a jpeg and as a pdf, but nothing was satisfactory. I think my key question is would it pay me to get ID CS5, as it did for upgrading from PS CS3 to PS CS5.
    TIA, Roy

  6. Alice says:

    I am wirting a book about Mayville, Oregon. I am learning how to use master pages. I have a problem with the my master 1 one. Why is it checked? Just page 1 not page 3 and 4.
    Thank you Alice in Oregon

  7. Terry says:

    I would like a video tutorial on making a calendar on indesign CS5 using tables and cells

  8. Terry says:

    Need a video tutorial on making a calendar indesign CS5 using tables.

  9. Jenny Kimberley says:

    I’m looking for a paid InDesign tutor ASAP (CS5). Someone who could answer questions over the phone or by email. I’m a novice at InDesign but am responsible for an ebook both in .pdf and .ePub. The book is all but finished; just some persistent puzzles, e.g. why don’t the TOC links work in the pdf? Do I need more software than just InDesign to put out a complete pdf and epub? How can I create a running book header that works? Why don’t the page turn options work in the pdf? How can I get the TOC to work also as navigation? A few others also. I can pay you through Paypal. Please email me at jkimberley@gmail.com. I need a good bailout! Thanks.

  10. athena windelev says:

    I come from +10 years of using Quark 9, Illustrator and Photoshop 9, and have been out of the updating for a few years. That’s why I purchased the new Design Premium CS5.5. Am trying to go thru the tutorial videos, but having a difficult time. There’s just a lot of things that I already know, and yet a lot of new added terminology, new added features, which aren’t fully explained even if you’re trying to learn as a novice. Any suggestions to which is the best possible way of learning the programs InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator as not a total novice. yet upgrade. without having to go thru the medial information.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      The lynda.com and video2brain videos are excellent resources. The CIBs are also useful for someone in your situation.