InDesign CS5 New & Revised Features

It’s now official. There will be a new version of InDesign. Following on the heels of InDesign CS, CS2, CS3, and CS4, the new version is called – to the surprise of few – “InDesign CS5.” Even though the new version of InDesign won’t be available until the end of April, you can see what’s new on the InDesign product page and in the What’s new Help topic.

That’s right. A version of InDesign CS5 Help is already posted on the web. Here’s the link to the main page of InDesign CS5 Help. And here’s a link to InCopy CS5 Help as well as the new InCopy CS5 features.

Here are the big new features of InDesign CS5:

Paragraphs that span or split columns

Improved selection techniques

Gap tool

Live corners

Different page sizes in one document

Animation for interactive documents

Enhanced Layers panel

Live captions

Improved Flash export

Tracking text changes

CS Review

Mini Bridge

That should be enough information to get you started. Over the next few weeks, I’ll have a lot more to say about InDesign CS5. By the way, if you come across any good videos or articles on InDesign CS5, please drop a note, either in the commenting section of a Help topic or here on this blog.

UPDATE: David Blatner wrote an excellent roundup of new InDesign CS5 features.

3 Responses to InDesign CS5 New & Revised Features

  1. Paul Haskins says:

    Bob,I’m very excited to see CS5 in action. I’m wondering if you, as lead writer, can tell me if InDesign’s ability to render swf files will be improved? I’ve always been of the opinion that InDesign CS4 more or less creates swfs with as2. But swfs created with as3 are superior in image quality.Cheers,Paul

  2. Paul – While the SWF export features in CS5 have been improved over the CS4 version, InDesign still doesn’t offer as much flexibility as when you export from Flash Pro. If you’re creating presentations, exporting from CS5 is great. But if you’re creating web banners or advanced SWF files for the web, you’re probably better off using Flash Pro. You can export to FLA format from InDesign and edit that file in Flash.I’ll provide more information on interactivity and other new CS5 features over the next few weeks.

  3. arunkrishnan says:

    Plz put the imposition in indesign that will help us to take printout
    other ways indesign software is superb to use for text editing and changing.