This Month in DPS Videos and Articles

DPS Video Tutorials

First, let’s start with a batch of free DPS videos that Colin Fleming created for Video2Brain:

DPS Workflow: The Big Picture

DPS Tools, Subscriptions, and Services

Working with Styles and Layers

Horizontal Swipe Layouts

Hyperlink Actions

Colin has spent a lot of time in front of the camera. Here are some other videos posted recently on Adobe TV:

Viewer Builder

Loading HTML Articles

Sharing Folios

Smooth-Scrolling Layouts

Rufus Deuchler also created a video on using MUSE to create HTML content for DPS

DPS Articles

Here are some useful articles which I linked to in the appropriate help topics. Special thanks to Keith Gilbert and Johannes Henseler in particular for creating great content.

Advanced Scrollable Frames – Johannes shows a cool fadeout he created in his DONE magazine app, which was selected for a MAX award. Johannes also wrote a basic article about creating scrollable frames.

Image resolution for iPad publishing ( – What’s the best image resolution to use for digital publishing? Short answer: 72 ppi.

Change the Order of Articles Using sidecar.xml Generator (Johannes Henseler) – Johannes created a utility that generates a sidecar.xml file.

iPad layout Templates for DPS (Gilbert Consulting) – Download horizontal and vertical templates.

Sharing folios with Adobe DPS (Keith Gilbert) – Keith walks you through the steps of sharing folios with individuals, allowing anyone with a mobile device to view your content. Creating and sharing folios in this manner is free.

Creating Super Overlays (Johannes Henseler) – A background image cannot appear in front of an overlay, but an overlay can appear in front of an overlay. Johannes goes over a few ways to create super overlays to mask interactive content.

Photoshop Extended for DPS (Keith Gilbert) – Keith goes over the ways in which Photoshop Extended helps him create digital publications.

Photoshop Template for App Store and Market Icons (Johannes Henseler) – When you submit a custom viewer app to Apple or Google, a number of icons are required. Johannes creates a template that makes it easy to kick out your icons using the various sizes.

Hiding the Scrollbar of a Scrollable Frame (Johannes Henseler) – When you create a scrollable frame, a scrollbar appears when the customer begins scrolling. But you don’t always want the scrollbar to appear. Johannes provides a workaround to hide the scrollbar.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in comments, and I’ll add a link.


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  2. I need help with the Foilio Builder. I have read the Adobe docs updates through 11/15 and it still says I should be able to load horizontal and vertical layouts in an “article.” (formerly a Stack!) Is there new info on this? Mine will only load a horizontal. I’ve just updated everything and plan to buy a single app license for our school magazine to be published in December. I can really use current info.