Understanding DPS Tool Versions

To create and preview folios for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5, you run two different DPS installers — the Folio Producer tools and the Folio Builder panel. There is only one installer/updater for InDesign CS6, but I’ll get to that later.

Why two installers for InDesign CS5/CS5.5?

Two reasons. First, Adobe doesn’t want to force publishers to rebuild and resubmit their custom app whenever a new set of tools comes out every six or eight weeks. Updating the app should be optional. Second, when Adobe makes certain changes to the Folio Producer Service on the web, the Folio Builder panel needs to be updated to remain in sync with the web client. Publishers need to be able to update the Folio Builder panel without updating the Folio Producer tools.

Should I update when a new version of tools comes out?

That depends on whether you have created a custom viewer app and whether you’re still updating it. If you haven’t created a custom viewer app and submitted it to one of the stores, the situation is simple. Just install the most current versions of the tools, and you’re all set with the new and improved tools. (There is one exception to this guidance. In some instances, Adobe release the new tools before Apple has approved the newest version of the Adobe Content Viewer. If that’s the case, you might want to hold off on updating the tools until Apple approves the viewer.)

If you have submitted a custom viewer app to the store, it depends. You have two choices whenever a new set of tools comes out:

(1) Don’t update your custom viewer. Continue using the older set of tools. If prompted, update the Folio Builder panel. Updating the Folio Builder panel does not update the tools.

(2) Update your custom viewer and submit it to the store. Install both the new set of Folio Producer tools and the Folio Builder panel.

Until the new version of the custom viewer is approved and available, don’t create or edit any folios for that app. Otherwise, when your customers try to view a newer folio in an older viewer, they’ll be prompted to update their app. Although viewers are backward-compatible with previously created folios, folios usually cannot be viewed in earlier viewers. That’s new wine in old bottles. (Or is it old wine in new bottles?)

Where do I get the installers?

You can download these tools from the Adobe Downloads page, the DPS Dashboard, or the Installing digital publishing tools help topic.

How do I know which installers I used?

Here’s how to tell which tools are installed and which tools were used to create a folio.

To see which tools are installed, open the Folio Builder panel and choose “About” from the panel menu. Look at the last numbers. For example, means you’re using the v17 tools.

To see which viewer version you’re using, open the folio in the viewer and tap the title. The first two numbers indicate the viewer version. For example, refers to the 2.2 version of the viewer.

Unfortunately, the viewer version doesn’t match the Folio Producer tools. Here’s how they match up:

v12 (tools) = 1.7 (viewer)
v13 = 1.8
v14 = 1.9
v15 = 1.9  (no change)
v16 = 1.9  (not available for iPad)
v17 = 1.10
v18 = 1.11
v19 = 1.12
v20 = 2.0
v21 = 2.1
v22 = 2.2
v23 = 2.3
v24 = 2.3 (no change)
v25 = 2.4

Starting with v21, it’s possible to specify the viewer version when creating the folio. This feature works only for v20 or later.

For additional details, see the “Please update your app” tech note.

Updating the DPS tools in InDesign CS6

In InDesign CS6, the DPS tools setup is more straightforward. There is only one installer/updater, which you can run by choosing Help > Updates in InDesign. When you select “DPS Desktop Tools,” you update both the DPS tools and the panel. When creating a folio, you can specify which version of the tools the folio is compatible with (v20 or later).

Questions? Leave a comment, or go to the DPS forum.

24 Responses to Understanding DPS Tool Versions

  1. James Fritz says:

    Thank you Bob for the clarification. I have always wondered why there were separate installers. I do have a few questions.

    If you do plan on updating both the folio builder and and producer tools, does it matter which order you install them? There doesn’t seem to be a preferred order, but if there is one, I would like to know.

    Will these ever be made available via the adobe updater as opposed to individual installers? This would make is more obvious to users that a new version was available and make it easier for them to install the updates.

    Would it be possible to have adobe name the downloads with the version?
    Ex- I have CS5 and CS5.5 on my machine. If I download the folio builder for CS5 the installer is called, “Folio_Panel.dmg”. I would prefer if it was labeled “Folio_Panel_CS5_v17” in order to make it easier to know which version of the folio panel is being installed and for which version of ID.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Hi James – It used to be important to install the Folio Producer tools first and then the Folio Builder panel afterwards. It’s not supposed to matter anymore.

      I’m not sure why the Adobe Updater isn’t used. I also don’t know why the Viewer Builder isn’t updated the same way other AIR apps are updated. I’ll ask around.

      Including the version number in the installer download file is a good idea. People in the forums have requested that. Again, I’ll talk to the installer folks.

  2. I guess the regular InDesign folks (those who do not care about their digital future) will go nuts when these DPS updates keep popping up every fortnight ! Furthermore, I bet there will be some legal difference between the EULA’s of InDesign and DPS. I should know, because I’ve clicked the “I have read this stuff” button numerous times, but I tend to forget it, sorry…

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  4. Hi, Bob

    I have a doubt. If I install just the Folio Builder to continuous produce folio suitable the custom viewer… After when I update the Producer tools I just have the Folio Builder updated.
    Then, I install the Folio Producer AFTER the Folio Builder?
    Please, explain me better this situation


    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      If you don’t want to update the tools to a newer version, just update the Folio Builder panel (if prompted). If you download the new Folio Producer tools, update the Folio Builder panel afterwards. At one point, it was mandatory to update the Folio Builder panel AFTER updating the tools. Now I don’t think it’s necessary anymore, but it’s recommended.

  5. Gennady says:

    > Including the version number in the installer download file is a good idea. People in the forums have requested that. Again, I’ll talk to the installer folks.

    – Yes, Bob, please talk to the installer folks to make it as easy as possible for DPS users to maintain updates of different components. And better do not just including the version number in the installer download file but to rethink the whole thing. I see Viewer Builder is finally got it’s own line under DPS updates in the dashboard, but again when you click on it the screen for the version and date available is missing. It would be nice to have all that info plus compatibility matrix for 3 tools as well as current and previous release notes all handy and easy to see/find. This kind of luxury 🙂 I and many others would like to get.

    Thank you so much,

  6. Gennady says:

    As an example of the mess in versioning:
    Just downloaded: Viewer-Builder-1.7.0-RC_2.dmg
    Can get the date of it only from the packaged file info: Dec 7, 2011
    In the Viewer Builder – About Viewer Builder it shows: 1.7.0
    – no changes from the previous Viewer-Builder-1.7.0-RC.dmg. It was also showing : 1.7.0
    And as you explaining it should be not 1.7 but 2.2 and then something:
    v17 = 2.2
    Also on iPad 1 it takes me not one but few times to tap on the title to get Viewer’s version displayed.

    Hope this would be helpful.

  7. Bob — In light of all of the chaos surrounding the recent updates, can you please clarify what I should do come Jan 26, when the “hot” update is happening? I see this number in my Folio Builder “About”: and I’m doing single-issue apps at the moment with no “custom” viewers. I just finished an app that successfully uploaded to the iTunes store with the tools I have that match, according to your above list, and I don’t want to screw up my software for the next job! I’m running CS5.5 with Desktop Content Viewer 2.2.0. I have an iPad One, so clicking on the title in the iPad Viewer doesn’t reveal its version, although I updated all of this at the same time. I assume we are still waiting for Apple to approve the last piece. What is best practice?? Thanks, beth

  8. Bob Bringhurst says:

    Hi Beth – When the hot fix for the panel comes out on Thursday, update your panel by running the Folio Builder panel installer. That doesn’t affect the version of tools installed. Don’t update the Folio Producer tools until you’re ready.

    By the way, I have an iPad1 as well, and I can tap the folio title to see the version.

  9. Thanks! That’s what I’ll do. I wonder why tapping the iPad doesn’t work for me? I tried to find a way to reveal the version of the iPad Viewer in iTunes, but I couldn’t figure out how there either.

  10. there is a great knowledge base article on that, can someone update the table to show v18-version numbers, the document is handy!


  11. Mikka says:

    So can you recommende this Version on iPad?
    I red an article about the new iPad3, do you think this will work with this new iPad Modell too?

    Thanks for your answer!

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Yes, but with adjustments. More details to follow when the iPad 3 actually comes out.

  12. Minia says:

    Hi Bob

    I have a question and a doubt of course

    I have launch an app last year in November, when I double tape in the folio (it is own app) I see 2.1 meaning that I used the v16 of the DPS. It seems to me weird because when I open my Viewer Builder to see with version of the app it is I see v18. I am a bit confused. Is it a v18 or v16 app??

  13. Minia says:

    Ok I just saw that in the VB when we go into the app detail, no need to enter “Modify” we can see as soon as the VB open all the version used to assemblage the apps. So I have definitively used v16

    But, why did you write on v16 / not available for iPad? What does it mean?

  14. james says:


    I’m just confused on the example above.
    On your example the tools being used are in v17 and the viewer version is 2.2.
    On your match up v17(tools) = 2.2(viewer). But after the image of the viewer version, you have this note,

    “Unfortunately, the viewer version doesn’t match the Folio Producer tools.”

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Ideally, the viewer version and the tools version would be the same, such as v17 or 2.2. Instead, you have to do research to understand that v17 tools work with the 2.2 viewer. That’s what I mean when I say it’s unfortunate that the numbers don’t match.

  15. Susan says:

    HI Bob,
    I have Creative Cloud and when I downloaded InDesign CS6 and Adobe Digital Publishing Single Edition, the DPS Authoring did not download with it. I had to install in separately. Will I have to update manually now or will it update when I select Help…update. When I select Update, it doesn’t show Help > Updates in InDesign. “DPS Desktop Tools. Only Update.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Just choose Help > Updates and update DPS Desktop Tools if necessary. That should be all you need.

  16. mauricio moreno says:

    Hi i have a problem with v26 dps tools for windows, any time that i want to open de folio builder panel, made a error and close indesign, everytime…whats wrong? i can use the v25? where can i download this version for indesign cs6….thanks

  17. Rush Sulaiman says:

    Hi Bob,
    Maybe u can help me with this.
    I have setup my indesign with all DPS tools and all working fine. I have ID for adobe and until last night I have create DPS from indesign shared and view it from my ipad with no problem.
    Last night I have deleted the free DPS file on Folio producer n thinking of creating a new DPS for my portfolio.
    Since i am free user I understand I can only 1 free edition – thats why I deleted the old one.
    I have created a brand new DPS and I am working online. I test it and view it from Adobe content viewer all are good but when I go to Folio Producer, I can not see my DPS file any more., it`s just blank.
    I supposed when u create folio in indesign it will upload automatically to adobe server. (like this was used to be). Please let me know what did i do wrong and what is the solution. I have even re-install the DPS tools but still not working.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      First, you aren’t limited to only one folio. You can create as many folios as you want.

      Are you using the same account to sign in to the Dashboard that you’re using to sign in to the panel? How are you signing in to the Folio Producer?