DPS Tips iPad App Updated

Apple approved the new version of the DPS Tips app.

Instead of simply updating the app, which is usually the easiest approach, I recommend that you remove DPS Tips and then install it from the App Store. Re-installing is especially important if you have an iPad 3. A current limitation prevents the high-resolution rendition folios from being available if the library has ever “noticed” the low-resolution folios, even if you haven’t downloaded them. This issue should be fixed in one of the upcoming releases. If you’re creating renditions for your folios, remember to publish both renditions before you notify users with a push. To be safe, the best approach is to publish the high-resolution rendition first.

The DPS Tips has been approved for the Apple App Store and Android Market, though I haven’t updated the Android content. Amazon still hasn’t approved the app due to a beta in-app purchase issue that should be resolved soon.

Here are some changes I made to the app:

* I added renditions by using one set of 1024×768 source files. If you have an iPad 3, the cover images in the library should include “2048×1536.” If not, remove and re-install the app.

* I divided the old overlays folio into two folios: one basic and one advanced. The advanced folio includes a few new articles and an updated article on pullout tabs. The new pop-up video article includes a rocket launch effect that’s so cheesy not even my 8-year-old son liked it. Colin even asked me not to credit him for the video. I might have to revisit that example.

* I added a new article to the Effects folio that includes an HTML5 scratch-off example. It links to a Cookbooks recipe where you can download and repurpose the HTML code.

Here are some folio size stats. For some reason, the PDF files were relatively much larger than what I had seen in my testing. I need to ask around about a possible bug.

  • Folio Basics: iPad1 – 33 MB (PNG) / iPad3 – 47 MB (PDF)
  • Overlay Basics: iPad1 – 50 MB (PNG) / iPad 3 – 90 MB (PDF)
  • Advanced Overlays: iPad1 – 41 MB (PNG) / iPad 3 – 85 MB (PDF)
  • Effects: iPad1 – 5 MB (PNG) / iPad 3 – 7 MB (PNG)
  • Single Edition: iPad1- 4 MB (PNG) / iPad 3 – 12 MB (PDF)

4 Responses to DPS Tips iPad App Updated

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  3. Mark says:

    Can we use this application on Windows, or how can we get pdf format of DPS tips ?

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      DPS Tips is available only on mobile devices — the iPad, Fire, and Android devices. No desktop version is available.