DPS Tips Paywall URL

This is a paywall test for the new social sharing feature in v20. When you reach the limited to the number of articles you can read in the desktop web viewer, a paywall appears. I previously set the threshold to 3 for the DPS Tips app, and I just recently updated it to 12. Obviously, setting up a paywall is more useful with retail content than with a free educational app. Again, I set up my paywall for demonstration purposes.

[Note: I disabled the Web Viewer Paywall entirely in DPS Tips. To see an example of how the paywall can be used, see this Newsweek cover article and swipe to the next article.]

For obtain full access to the DPS Tips app, click this link: DPS Tips. The new version with social sharing enabled is available in the App Store. You can also download the DPS Tips app on your iPhone.

See the Using social media help article for more information on the workflow. Also see this article about setting up social sharing for Facebook.

5 Responses to DPS Tips Paywall URL

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  2. I was hoping to read your DPS Tips, but all I got on my iPad was an error message saying that “the library could not be updated”. Any suggestions?

  3. Alicia says:

    How is the Paywall prompt presented on the screen?

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Oops, I turned off Paywall because it made no sense for a free app, but then I forgot to update this post. I’ll find an example and post it.