Creating DPS Folios for Android Devices

This article used to contain a bunch of complicated information about various options for targeting the various Android models. However, now that the native Android viewer is available, the following articles are better resources:

Building native DPS apps for Android devices

Differences between iOS and Android viewers

DPS supported features list

Building DPS apps for Windows Store

44 Responses to Creating DPS Folios for Android Devices

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  3. Haeme Ulrich says:

    Thank you Bob, great work!

  4. dmcsween says:

    Very thorough, Bob, thanks. Alas, you’ll need to update it regularly, as things change with every new device.

  5. Jayne Gould says:


    Just being asked if the iPad app I am making for a client will work on Windows 8 surface.

  6. Jayne Gould says:


    Just being asked if the iPad app I am making for a client will work on Windows 8 surface. I’d make Android version right?

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Windows 8 and Android are separate platforms. Windows 8 will be able to display shared articles in the Web Viewer but not DPS apps, at least not right away. The plan is to support apps on Windows 8 at some point in the near future.

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  8. Linaka says:

    Thanks for the article. Doing The Whole Hog sounds painful. As for missing anything, other than Windows 8, I think you covered everything. Its a shame that we have to go to such lengths to make it cross compatible.

  9. Zagarskas says:

    4:3 is iPad
    3:2 is iPhone/iPod touch
    10:6 is 1024×600 (technically, its 16:9.375 but its advertised as 10:6)
    16:10 is 1280×800

    This situation you describe here in this article is pure insanity.

    the solution could very elegant and simple:
    -> Since apps have unique ID’s allow publishers to simply choose which alternate layout shows up on which app.

    1 folio with 1 alternate layout
    layout 1 is 1024×768 (scales up well)
    layout 2 is 960×600 (scales up and down well)

    All that we need is 2 drop menus and some check boxes that let us choose which rendidion go’s onto which app.

    Drop menu 1-
    4 apps
    Apple Newstand
    Kindle Fire
    Android Market
    Nook Market

    Drop menu 2-
    For each of the above let us choose which rendition is displayed.

    Throw in a check box that says “scale up”


    Possible results:
    iPad -Apple Newstand + 1024×768 alternate
    iPod -Apple Newstand + 960×600 alternate
    Android tablets -Android Market + 960×600 alternate + scale up checked
    Nook tablet -Android Market + 960×600 alternate + scale up checked
    Kindle Fire -Android Market + 1024×768 alternate

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      I agree that we need better rendition support. The DPS team is working on two important tasks: (1) improve the Android viewers by moving away from the AIR model and (2) simplify and provide more control over rendition handling. I don’t know what the UI will be like for the second task or when they’ll be able to implement these changes. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Zagarskas says:

        rock on. at the end of the day, Adobe is of course still light years ahead of anyone else. I really think that handling renditions in the online folio producer dashboard by targeting the APP’s and not screen sizes is the way to go. (I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I am sure you guys will come up with something awesome)

        I have some more questions. (I wish I knew about this post here prior to Oct 15th) Is there a forum post where this is being discussed in depth?

  10. Thanks Bob…great article.

  11. Jason says:

    Thanks Bob, great article.
    Its insanely difficult to find out about the procedure for building Android apps, is there any more info available anywhere?
    I tried contacting Adobe support but they couldn’t help me… 🙁

  12. BMPartners says:

    Is there a way to stop the iPad rendition showing in the Library on an Android? It is showing both the Android versions and iPad SD version which is not ideal. It will confuse people.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      One way is to use separate accounts for the iPad and Android apps. Another way is to create different renditions for Android devices so that the 1024×768 rendition never appears on an Android. There is no way at this time to block a rendition from appearing on a certain device.

  13. Bart Van de Wiele says:

    Congratulations on this great document, Bob!

  14. Herman Belgy says:

    hi Bob, great article, hope you will keep this up-to-date.
    Is there 1 location where we can find an overview of supported dps features on android devices @ today ?

  15. Philip Baumgarten says:

    Does ‘ inlinevideo’s are not supported on android tablets’ mean I can only show video’s on an android devices that have links to youtube movies and cannot integrate movies that are not on youtube into a specific page of a folio for android?

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      No, it means you can’t play a video within a box on the page. Videos on Android are full screen only.

  16. Steve Hirsch says:

    We just upgraded to R25 and found that we cannot turn Strict Renditions on in our Kindle testing app because it creates some kind of conflict that will not allow our newly published issues to appear in the library. Aysling thinks it might be due to the fact that we design our layouts in Points rather than Pixels. Without Strict Renditions turned on, all is well in our R25 Kindle apps. The text above states:
    “Some publishers created only 1024×600 folios for older issues, and they don’t want these folios to appear on larger devices. Selecting Strict Renditions causes these 1024×600 folios not to show up in the library. On a 1280×800 Kindle Fire, only the 1280×800 folio renditions are displayed.”
    We are in this category but even with Strict Renditions turned on in the app, our Kindle HD tablets can see and download the 1024 x 600 rendition that was the only rendition we published from Nov. 2012 through Feb. 2013. Aysling advised us that we must have all 3 renditions for an issue published in order for Strict Renditions to work but this is not how the text above reads. Contact me if you want to track this ticket with me as it might reveal new info on Strict Renditions and how it can be used.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Hi Steve,

      Let me look into this. I wrote the text you mentioned without testing it myself. I’ll get back to you.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Steve – I looked into the issue, and I had bad information when I added the above paragraph recently. I removed it. When you enable Strict Renditions, only 1024×600 or 1280×800 folios will show up on Kindle Fire devices. Strict Renditions does not prevent a 1024×600 folio from showing up on a 1280×800 device. Sorry about the misinformation.

  17. Matthias Heynen says:

    Hi Bob and thanks for the information.
    One question: can you tell me, if it is planned in the future to support that DPS viewers will also appear in the Google Play Store of Small and Normal Android devices?
    Thank you.

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      It’s on the road map, but it won’t happen soon.

      • Matthias Heynen says:

        Sad, but I feared you would tell me that…
        Is there any possible way to modify the app manifest in a way that my app will appear in the Google Play Store of Small and Normal Android devices?
        Or has an app made with the DPS not such a manifest?
        Because I couldn´t find it…
        Thanks and regards,

  18. Laura Mark says:

    Hi Bob, thanks so much for this info. I am just digging into this to create an app on the Galaxy 10.1. Actually, all I really need to do is create an interactive presentation (approx 80 pages) with navigation and some video and install it only on one Galaxy 10.1 tablet to be viewed as a company presentation. I don’t need or want to publish it publicly in an app store. Is this possible to do? I have been watching adobeTV vids and reading everything I can get my eyes on but can’t get an answer to this question. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Yes, you can just use the Adobe Content Viewer for your presentation. Create a 1280×752 landscape document and add it to a 1232×752 folio. If it works well for the device, build out your presentation using one or more articles.

      By the way, the DPS forum is a great place for follow-up questions:

  19. Laura Mark says:

    Bob, you rock! Thank you so very much for your speedy response and I will definitely go check out that forum!

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  21. Maria says:

    me gustaria formar parte del bolg, mi clienta tiene una publicación para ipad pero necesita tenerla para Android tambien. Cuál es el camino menos complicado?

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      El menos complicado es crear una publicacion para Android y usar los mismos iPad folios. En la proxima version (v26, Mayo 1), PDF articulos seran suportado. El menos complicado no es necesariamente lo mejor.

  22. Steve Boerner says:

    Thanks for the excellent summary. I keep this page bookmarked and refer to it often. A small update for your table: It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 also has a 48-pixel system bar in both orientations. Can you or someone else confirm this? I don’t own one but had a chance to test it and was disappointed to find that it displayed the iPhone SD rendition (480×320) of one of my client’s publications instead of the Kindle SD rendition (apparently choosing that size to avoid any scaling).

  23. Nicola says:

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for information!
    i’ll try to create my first app with dps.
    i would like to create a single folio application but using professional edition because i wont the app on ipad, iphone and android device too.
    How can i do?
    I read that the rendition is supported only for multifolio app.
    I found this solution but it work for android and iphone too?

  24. Jo Grantham says:

    I’m a subscriber to CC and using single edition DPS. I want my apps to be available on Android devices which I understand I can’t do with single edition – is there any plans to include this with single edition in the future? Or do I need to purchase professional edition?

  25. Anu says:

    Hi Bob Thanks for the great articles from you.Regular reader of all your articles.
    Bob am going to purchase professional edition of Adobe DPS.Am in a starting phase,Need to create Multiple Device magazine (iPhone,iPad,android..).
    Iam still bit confused on the layout thing.i created some sample offline for iPad,in 1024,768 (adobe content viewer).
    for creating the same magazine in iPhone and android what i need to do next create another indesign layout and upload to the same folio ? when i try to upload in that way to the same folio with iphone page size am getting a message ( Content Generation Error( error:The Page size aspect ratio must match the folio aspect ration).

    Please help me ,No One to ask about this and not getting correct replays .

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      In InDesign, you need to create a different document size (or layout size if you’re using alternate layouts) that matches the aspect ratio of the target folio.

      Let’s suppose you create an InDesign document that’s 1024×768. You can create a 1024×768 folio (iPad SD) and create an article based on the 1024×768 document. You can also create a 2048×1536 folio (iPad HD) and create an article based on the 1024×768 document. However, if you create a 960×640 folio (iPhone HD), you CANNOT create an article based on that 1024×768 document. You need to create a different document (or layout). That article must match the aspect ratio of the folio (unless it’s a Smooth Scrolling article).

      If you still have questions, please go to the DPS user forum: