DPS Sections

The Sections feature is new with the v24 release. This feature is primarily intended for newspaper publishers who want to allow their customers to download only specific sections of a folio, such as Entertainment, Sports, News, and Lifestyle.

How do you create Sections?

Simple. Go into the Folio Producer Organizer and open a folio in the Folio Producer Editor. Specify a section name for each article. Make sure that you specify the same section name for at least two articles. Section names are case sensitive, so take care when adding values. Copy/paste is a good idea.

If you don’t specify a section name for an article, that article gets downloaded when any other section is downloaded. You might want to leave the section name blank for articles such as covers and tables of contents.

Specify section names in the Folio Producer Editor. (Click to view larger image.)

You can also use the sidecar.xml file to specify section names for articles in a folio.

Once you specify sections for the folio, you need a v24.1 or later viewer to see the sections.

What do Sections look like?

[Note: I originally set up Sections in the DPS Tips app, but I removed it because it just didn’t make sense for that app. Giltedge Travel and dailies are much better examples.]

Here is the library of Giltedge Travel (free), which uses the v24 library. The library has a different appearance in v25 and later.


The top two folios have Sections enabled. (Click to view larger image.)

Once you tap View Sections, the set of sections defined in the Folio Producer Editor are displayed. You can tap any section to download only that section, or you can tap Download All.


Users can tap the sections they want to download. (Click to view larger image.)

When you tap the TOC button in the navigation bar, the table of contents shows only the folio’s sections—not the full list of articles.


Sections not downloaded are dimmed. (Click to view larger image.)

What are best practices for sections?

  • Avoid using sections unless you have a compelling reason. This feature works well for newspaper apps or huge folios with clearly divisible content. For typical magazine apps, you’re most likely better off just letting users download each issue when it comes out.
  • When users tap the TOC button, they see only section names. Consider creating a table of contents page with navto links for the folio. For large sections, you might want the first article in the section to be a mini-TOC with navto links to each article.
  • Applying sections to a folio does not change the order of articles in the folio. For best results, keep all the articles in the same section together.


2 Responses to DPS Sections

  1. Claudio says:

    It’s possible to sell the single sections separately?

    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Not through Apple or Google Play. In-app purchases are tied to individual folios or subscription durations. It might be possible using custom entitlement (Enterprise only), but I’ve never heard of it being done.