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First Folio Free and Digital Blow-ins

Publishers want to use many of the same techniques for digital magazine publishing that they use in their print magazines. With the v25 release, both Professional and Enterprise publishers can take advantage of a few new features that help them market their magazine more effectively.

First, take a look at Colin’s video. Then come back and read the rest of this article for additional details.

Click here to watch Colin Fleming’s video

First Folio Free

Here’s a common experience. Someone wants to check out the new magazine on their iPad, so she downloads the free app from the App Store full of anticipation. When she opens the app, she doesn’t see any content–just a library with issues for sale. So she gives the app a poor rating, deletes it, and goes back to play another level of Angry Birds.

With First Folio Free, publishers can now select an option in the Account Administration tool that entitles the most recently published retail folio to first-time users of an app. That way, when users download the app from the App Store, the most current issue can start downloading, providing a better initial experience for some publications.

Select this option in the Account Admin tool to enable First Folio Free. [Click image to enlarge.]

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DPS Tips HTML5 Examples

In DPS Tips, I included several HTML examples that are used in Web Content overlays. I’ll attach the source files for these effects.

NOTE: Several people have reported to me that they cannot download the .zip files. I’m looking into this.

Scratch Off

Let’s start with the scratch-off effect example.


Download (as used in DPS Tips)

Download (no extra text or borders)

  1. Create two images the same size.
  2. Name them “foreimage.jpg” and “backimage.jpg.”
  3. Unzip the file, and replace the foreimage.jpg and backimage.jpg with your images.
  4. Rename the scratch_off_v.html file, if necessary. Change the suffix to _h for horizontal-only folios or remove the suffix for dual-orientation folios.
  5. Create a Web Content overlay the same size as your images.

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