Rebuild DPS apps prior to iOS 8 release

Short version

Rebuild and resubmit your multi-folio apps before the iOS 8 release. Multi-folio apps do not function properly in iOS 8.

Longer version

The DPS team has been testing DPS apps in the beta version of the upcoming iOS8 release. While single-folio apps work fine, multi-folio apps fail to work properly:

On iOS 8 beta cover icons do not appear, downloaded folios are lost and cannot be viewed, and folios cannot be downloaded after the user launches the app for the first time, quits the app, and restarts it.

It doesn’t look like Apple will resolve these issues on their end. Fortunately, the most recent Adobe DPS release (v31.3) includes an update to the v30 and v31 multi-issue viewers that addresses these problems.

Please use the newest version of DPS App Builder to rebuild your multi-folio apps and submit the updated versions to Apple as soon as possible, before iOS 8 is released. Failure to update apps will likely result in DPS apps not functioning properly when iOS 8 is released publicly.


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