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DPS, DPS 2015, and the InDesign CC 2015 Update

New Version of DPS

A new version of DPS is available. It’s called Digital Publishing Solution, or “DPS 2015.” If you have an existing Digital Publishing Suite license, you’ll be able to use either the current version of DPS or the new DPS 2015 to build apps. You can decide on an app by app basis which workflow best suits your needs.

To check out DPS 2015, you can sign up for a trial at and clicking the “Free Trial” option in the upper right corner. There is a Quick Start Guide and sample assets, and an excellent set of how-to videos by Colin Fleming. See Getting started with DPS 2015. If you have questions, go to the DPS 2015 user forum.

Creative Cloud 2015 Update

Now let’s talk about the Creative Cloud 2015 update. InDesign CC 2015 supports only DPS 2015—not DPS, so there’s no Folio Builder panel in InDesign CC 2015. If you want to create DPS folios, you need to use InDesign CS6, InDesign CC, or InDesign CC 2014. You can run multiple versions of InDesign on your computer. InDesign CC 2015 supports only the new version of DPS—DPS 2015.

In addition, the “Folio Overlays” panel is now called the “Overlays” panel in all versions of InDesign.

By default, if you choose to update InDesign, InDesign CC 2015 will replace the previous version of InDesign unless you do something. Specifically, you should go into Advanced Settings and deselect the “Remove old versions” option.




Installing Previous InDesign versions

What do you do if you already installed InDesign CC 2015 and removed the previous versions? You can reinstall them without too much difficulty. Look for “Find Additional Apps,” select “All Apps,” and then click “View Previous Versions.” You can then install your InDesign version of choice to build DPS folios.


For more information, see this Creative Cloud help article: Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Sign Up for DPS Updates

While the DPS Status Page is a great way to view announcements, reminders, and service outage updates, you have to browse to the page to see what’s going on. If you want to be notified by email, you can now sign up to receive updates.

Step 1: Go to the DPS Individual Opt-in Form.

Step 2: Sign in using the DPS email account that you want to use to receive announcements.


Step 3: Indicate which announcements you’d like to receive.


If at any point you’d like to change your announcement settings or discontinue them, simply click a link at the bottom of one of the email messages you receive and go from there.

Link to opt-in form: DPS Individual Opt-in Form


Rebuild DPS apps prior to iOS 8 release

Short version

Rebuild and resubmit your multi-folio apps before the iOS 8 release. Multi-folio apps do not function properly in iOS 8.

Longer version

The DPS team has been testing DPS apps in the beta version of the upcoming iOS8 release. While single-folio apps work fine, multi-folio apps fail to work properly:

On iOS 8 beta cover icons do not appear, downloaded folios are lost and cannot be viewed, and folios cannot be downloaded after the user launches the app for the first time, quits the app, and restarts it.

It doesn’t look like Apple will resolve these issues on their end. Fortunately, the most recent Adobe DPS release (v31.3) includes an update to the v30 and v31 multi-issue viewers that addresses these problems.

Please use the newest version of DPS App Builder to rebuild your multi-folio apps and submit the updated versions to Apple as soon as possible, before iOS 8 is released. Failure to update apps will likely result in DPS apps not functioning properly when iOS 8 is released publicly.


DPS Health Status Page

The new DPS Status page shows ongoing issues with DPS servers as well as planned maintenance. If you’re a DPS publisher, you’ll want to bookmark this page or opt in to receive email notifications. If you know you’re going to publish your new issue at a specific date and time, you’ll want to check the DPS status page to see if maintenance is planned for that time period.

If you wish to receive email notifications when the Adobe DPS team updates the DPS Status page, go to the DPS Status page and specify your contact information in the “Receive Updates” section.


Again, here’s the DPS Status page.


New PANTONE libraries

Pantone, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated, and world-renowned authority on color, has recently made available the PANTONE PLUS Digital Libraries Installer, a free utility that allows you to integrate the PANTONE PLUS Libraries quickly and easily into the Adobe Creative Suite.

The PANTONE PLUS SERIES line of publications is a major enhancement to the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and retains all of the previously existing PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors.

How to obtain the new libraries

To obtain the new libraries, download the appropriate installer for your operating system from this page on Pantone’s website:

Please read the important information provided on that download page, as well as in the PANTONE PLUS Color Library Technical Notes which can be downloaded from the same page as a PDF document.

Articles on InDesign CS5

Lots of good articles and videos on the new features in InDesign CS5.

InDesign CS5 New Feature Videos – Anne-Marie Concepción created videos about the new InDesign CS5 videos. If you subscribe to, you can view them all. If you’re not a member, you can view the six underlined ones. They’re good.

Eight Great New Features in InDesign CS5 – Just a fantastic article by a fantastic writer.

PC Magazine’s Review of InDesign CS5 – Matthew Murray raves about the new version:

“If print is actually dying, someone forgot to tell Adobe. Not only do the changes the company has stuffed into the latest version of InDesign ($699 list new, $199 list upgrade) rank among the most extensive and useful any product has received in Creative Suite 5, they also represent a major (and long overdue) sea change for the product itself.”

Entertaining Video on Spanning and Splitting Columns – Tim Cole is back! If you’re an InDesign fan, pay attention to Tim Cole’s blog. In this 8-minute video, Tim covers the new Span/Split Columns feature in InDesign CS5, including pitfalls to avoid. I was a little disappointed that Tim didn’t break out his Pee Wee Herman voice, but at least he gave us a Monty Python song, “Span, span, span, span . . . wonderful span.”

Video on using InDesign CS5 content in Flash Pro – Paul Trani created this excellent video on the FLA export feature in InDesign (which was called XFL export in CS4). Paul is coming at this from a Flash Pro angle.

By the way, if you want to view the animated SWF file that was exported from InDesign, I posted the City Guide here. I’ll have more to say about animation and interactivity later.

Michael Murphy’s 36-minute overview – Michael goes over most of the new features in this videocast on He doesn’t post content very often, but when he does, it’s worth the wait.

That’s all for now.

InDesign CS5 New & Revised Features

It’s now official. There will be a new version of InDesign. Following on the heels of InDesign CS, CS2, CS3, and CS4, the new version is called – to the surprise of few – “InDesign CS5.” Even though the new version of InDesign won’t be available until the end of April, you can see what’s new on the InDesign product page and in the What’s new Help topic.

That’s right. A version of InDesign CS5 Help is already posted on the web. Here’s the link to the main page of InDesign CS5 Help. And here’s a link to InCopy CS5 Help as well as the new InCopy CS5 features.

Here are the big new features of InDesign CS5:

Paragraphs that span or split columns

Improved selection techniques

Gap tool

Live corners

Different page sizes in one document

Animation for interactive documents

Enhanced Layers panel

Live captions

Improved Flash export

Tracking text changes

CS Review

Mini Bridge

That should be enough information to get you started. Over the next few weeks, I’ll have a lot more to say about InDesign CS5. By the way, if you come across any good videos or articles on InDesign CS5, please drop a note, either in the commenting section of a Help topic or here on this blog.

UPDATE: David Blatner wrote an excellent roundup of new InDesign CS5 features.

New eBooks resource for InDesign

The new eBooks Authoring page on provide detailed how-to guides and video tutorials on creating eBooks with InDesign.

InDesign is an excellent way to author eBooks compatible with a variety of devices — from PCs and smartphones to dedicated eReading devices like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook, and Sony Reader. Take a look at these how-to guides and video tutorials to learn how to create eBooks in InDesign and output them for viewing across screen types. Again, here’s the eBook authoring link.

In addition, InDesign Magazine made available part 1 of Gabriel Powell’s excellent article on using InDesign to create eBooks. Continue reading…

December 2009 InDesign Links

I decided to take a small break from writing about the cool new InDesign features to link to a few resources I like.

Blatner Tools for Adobe InDesign – David offers a collection of 12 InDesign plug-ins that adds over 100 new features to InDesign CS3 and CS4.

Holiday Papercraft – Mike Rankin teaches you how to use InDesign to create a holiday ornament for a Christmas tree.


Script for Balancing Ragged Lines – Keith Gilbert’s script gives you more control over which line should be longer.

Setting tabs videos – In the Set tabs help topic, someone left a comment complaining about how difficult it is to set tabs. So I asked Neil Oliver to make a video on creating tabs, and went above and beyond the call of duty, creating a series of videos on creating tabs. Thanks again, Neil!

Creating an eBook with InDesign Part I and Part II – Gabriel Powell walks you through the steps of creating an eBook (also called EPUB) document in InDesign. Gabriel also provides a more in-depth study in the Oct/Nov issue of InDesign Magazine, a truly excellent resource. Oh, and he tells how to use the Oxygen XML editor to edit EPUB files.

OpenType Fractions Guide (PDF) – Anne-Marie Concepción shows what happens when you apply the OpenType: Fractions feature to different kinds of fractions set in each of the 30+ OpenType fonts that are bundled with the Creative Suite. Oldie but goodie.

Designing Forms for InDesign – Michael Murphy takes a look at adding form elements to an InDesign layout to create Acrobat-friendly checkboxes, radio buttons and comb fields, all of which can be achieved with a little help from anchored objects, GREP find/change and tables.

(You can find other resources for creating forms in the Create PDF forms Help topic.)

Using Text Wrap within a Table – James Fritz explains how to get text to wrap around a picture in a table cell.

Super Strokes in InDesign – Jeff Witchel’s video from Layers Magazine teaches you how to use the Stroke panel to create special effects.

Remove Unwanted Spaces in InDesign – Barb Binder has done a good job of promoting her training courses by writing thoughtful articles on various InDesign topics and linking to them in Help. Here’s an example.

InDesign and Windows 7

It looks like both InDesign CS3 and InDesign CS4 are compatible with Windows 7. Here’s a press release I received this morning:

Adobe today confirmed that Creative Suite 4 and future versions of Creative Suite will run on Windows 7. Adobe has tested its Creative Suite 4 family of products and components on Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition and found the performance held up to the company’s high standards of quality and performance. Creative Suite 3 has also been tested and will support Windows 7 without any updates. Older versions of the software may run on Windows 7, but they have not been tested for compatibility.

Please visit for more details.