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Automating Layouts with the EasyCatalog Plug-in for InDesign (Part 2)

In this episode, Gabriel Powell teaches you how to use the EasyCatalog plug-in for InDesign to publish content directly from a database or a spreadsheet into InDesign and automate the production of brochures, catalogs, product sheets, and more.

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Feature-by-Feature Review of InDesign CS5

My exhaustive review of InDesign CS5 went live on today. It’s a detailed, feature-by-feature exploration of the new version. complete with a sample SWF animation and SWF slideshow created in in IDCS5, three short videos demonstrating cool new transformation features and, of course, the usual less-than-subtle use of baby photos.
The article’s broken up into […]

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Using Adobe CS Review

Use the online service Adobe CS Review to share your InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop work, and to manage feedback and collaboration. Learn how to upload and share documents, create and manage reviews, and add reviewers and coauthors.

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