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Writing about the new Digital Publishing Suite has been keeping me so busy that I haven’t been updating this blog with juicy InDesign tips. If you’re interested in creating books or magazines for the iPad or other devices, go to the Adobe Labs site. You can download the necessary tools, as well as the user guide and the tutorial assets. To see what kinds of questions people are asking, go to the user forum.

If you’re interested in submitting an app you create to the Apple Store, you’ll want to join the prerelease site. Go to the Adobe prerelease page and choose Digital Magazine Publishing for product. The tools on the prerelease site are updated more frequently than on the Labs site. Also, the prerelease Downloads site includes a document called “iPad Publishing Process Overview.pdf” that helps you get started with the submission process.

If you have an iPad, check out some of these apps that were created using early versions of the Digital Publishing Suite tools.

InDesign Magazine Viewer (Free)

Mobile touch devices can provide a reading experience that’s better in some ways than websites or printed magazines. But the apps have to be done correctly. The “Take Color for a Spin” article in this issue takes advantage of this new format. Unfortunately, some of the other articles use a basic, flat structure when slideshows, videos, and other interactive designs would have improved the viewing experience. Then again, it’s free. Let’s hope future versions of this great magazine take better advantage of the format. (Download in iTunes)

Martha Stewart Living – Boundless Beauty ($3.99)

Martha made a guest appearance at the Adobe Max conference, and an Adobe bigwig named Kevin Lynch just returned the favor and entered Martha’s kitchen.

I bought this issue, but I haven’t been able to critique it yet because my wife has taken possession of my iPad. I may have more to say if I can get my iPad back. (Download in iTunes)

WIRED (Free Viewer with preview issue; $3.99 per retail issue)

WIRED was the first magazine to use our tools to build an iPad app. There are six issues you can buy, including the newest one with a racy cover, “100% Natural.” In all their issues, they create amazing effects. My favorite article shows 360 panoramas from within various cockpits, allowing you to zoom in on controls. After viewing that article, I firmly believe that I learned enough to fly a small plane. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. (Download in iTunes)

DI Magazine (Free)

Cool app for photographers. Here’s the description: “DI magazine is the new interactive publication for all Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom users. Built from the ground up specifically for the iPad, the magazine provides essential step-by-step techniques, not-to-be-missed insights into the inner workings of your editing software and inspirational folios and is designed for image makers of all skill levels and interests . . . And for a limited time, your first issue is free.” So grab it now. (Download in iTunes)

Wandern (Free)

German travel magazine. The photos and slideshows are amazing, but I couldn’t understand a word of it. (Download in iTunes)

Sabado Bicentario (Free)

This is an application from Chile based on the print edition of Sabado magazine. This magazine has great interactive effects, but the type is a little too small to read comfortably on the iPad. (Download in iTunes)

iGizmo (Free)

Here, I’ll let iTunes explain it: “Download iGIZMO to get the latest in gadgets and consumer tech direct to your iPad. It’s like a magazine, website and TV show wrapped up in one, with HD video reviews and features, unbiased verdicts on all the latest kit, plus amazing 360-degree product shots and bags of interactivity. It’s your one stop shop for the tech that matters.” (Download in iTunes)

The New Yorker (Free viewer with preview issue; $4.99 per retail issue)

Last but not least, this one is my personal favorite. The free viewer has a quirky video from Jason Schwartzman (Bored to Death, Rushmore) that describes how to use the New Yorker app on the iPad. I love viewing this magazine on my iPad. (Download in iTunes)

For additional apps created using the DMP tools, see the Digital Publishing Gallery.

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