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Setting Tabs InDesign

Its so annoying when you see an InDesign document that has been put together with tabs and spaces all over the place. Common everyone lets get the tabs right and then put them into paragraph styles as well. Its not that hard when you see how to use the tab ruler. We do Right indent tabs, leaders and indent to here as well.

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Convert Portrait to Landscape with Layout Adjustment

There’s no substitute for the human eye to redesign a page, but InDesign has some tricks that can help!

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Interactive Galleries

InDesign CS5 has a whole bunch of new interactive features. We take a close look at how to use the multi-state objects to create a simple image gallery. We use Adobe Bridge to drag and drop or place images, we also use the new corner effects. But more importantly than that we use the ugliest arrow heads ever.

Zevrix Updates LinkOptimizer for InDesign

LinkOptimizer 4.5 reduces InDesign job size and speeds up processing by eliminating excess image data, performing essential image adjustments and converting file formats. The new update lest you convert image color space to an ICC profile space, with full control over how the conversion is done.

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Whatever your resolution

Season’s greetings from Adobe XD from Adobe XDCE on Vimeo.

Jacek Utko designs to save newspapers

Jacek Utko is an extraordinary Polish newspaper designer whose redesigns for papers in Eastern Europe not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%. Can good design save the newspaper? It just might.

Watch Jacek as he presents at TED.

Creating Mixed Page Orientations in the Same Layout

There are two ways to create mixed page sizes in InDesign CS5, but only one lets you change individual page orientations, too.

“How do I change the orientation of a new custom page size I add? I’m trying to make a tabloid-sized fold-out page. I have a facing-page letter-size document, and I used the dropdown menu in the Pages panel to add the tabloid page, but it’s portrait like the rest of the document. I can’t find the control where I can change the orientation of the new tabloid page to landscape.”

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Quick Tip: Importing Type Using InDesign CS5

Importing type into Indesign can seem like a straight forward process, either copy and paste or use the place option. It is definitely a process designers take for granted. This tut will illustrate the capabilities InDesign offers when importing type using the "Show import options" feature. In turn this will give insight on how you – the designer – can take full control over importing and placing type.

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Create rich interactive documents with InDesign CS5

The definition of a “document” has become less straightforward as more information destinations emerge.
Documents today can incorporate blended experiences that combine the look and feel of a traditional print
document with websites that include rich media. The means by which people access and consume that
information—in print, on desktops, and on mobile devices—also continue to change. Keeping pace with these
changes and trends, Adobe InDesign CS5 software offers a new feature set that allows rich interactive
document content to be created and directly published as a desktop/browser experience apart from, or in
addition to, a printed piece.
This white paper discusses the following:

  1. Why InDesign for interactive documents
  2. InDesign CS5 interactive features overview
  3. Project scenario:Interactive travel brochure
  4. Button-based document navigation
  5. Animation and timing
  6. Multistate objects
  7. Adding and controlling audio and video
  8. Establishing page transitions
  9. Previewing your interactive document
  10. Publishing to SWF and FLA

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Ask a CS PRO: Digital Publishing Suite

Upcoming Ask a CS Pro: Friday, Dec 17th, 2010 at 12pm PST

Producing publications with Digital Publishing Suite!

Learn how to use the tools and viewer technology of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to produce publications for the iPad and other tablet devices.  Join Chris Converse from Codify Design Studio to learn how to use the designer-friendly Digital Publishing Suite tools now available on Adobe Labs to create compelling content that combine the richness of print design with the interactivity of digital.

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