Auto Apply Object Style to Placed Image

Have you ever placed bunch of images and after placing you selected all of them and applied same Object Style? If you even tried to select Object Style before placing, don’t bother anymore, it can’t be done. It’s a bug!

But, fortunately Michael Ninness (VP of Content,, former InDesign Product Manager, designer, author) mentioned a little “easter egg” in InDesign CS4 that (sort of) fixes the bug and it’s also working for CS5!

So, let’s see how to make it work! :)

First, it’s called “easter egg” because it’s undocumented and not-officially-supported-by-Adobe feature, so you will not find this anywhere in help files for InDesign! :) All you have to do is to create Object Style named “Place Gun Frame(without quotes) and set all desired options and that’s it! :D So easy and so powerful and helpful!

That’s it!

This Tip was first mentioned on
by David Blatner (co-host of the
way back in 2008.

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