Power + Zoom = Power Zoom!


Personally, one of my favorite features in InDesign is so-called “Power Zoom” feature. This enables you to quickly scroll through your document. It’s helpful especially with long documents. If you never used this feature before, you will fall in love very quickly! :D

So, how to activate/use it?

It’s really simple. All you need is Hand tool.

  1. Activate Hand tool (H) / hold Space bar or Alt/Opt while in text.
  2. With Hand tool active, click and hold down the mouse button.
    (You will see the document zooming out so that you can see whole spread/page, and red box indicates the view area)
  3. While still holding mouse button, drag mouse (red box) to scroll through document.
    Use mouse scrool wheel/arrow keys to change size of red box (change view area zoom)
  4. Release the mouse button to zoom in to the new selected area.
    (Document will zoom to the size of the red box)

This will give you more control while scrolling through your document. Also, you will work faster, because you don’t have to zoom-out then zoom back in.

That’s it! :-)

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