Temporary Sort Menus Alphabetically

What?! :D Yes, it’s possible, and it’s really useful!

I’m sure you already had that situation, when searching for something in menus, you knew where it was, but can’t find it! :D There is one awesome little feature (undocumented one) that allows you to display menus without separators and sorted alphabetically. This feature is available for a long time, starting with InDesign CS.

As you probably already saw on picture, it’s really easy to access this feature. All you have to do is to hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift (PC) / Option+Command+Shift (Mac) and click on menu. The menu will open, but it will be sorted alphabetically and without separators, like one big list :D This also works for panel menus and drop-down menus from Control Palette.

Cool, right? :D

Have fun!

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