8 Steps to Optimize InDesign files for translation

By Oana Diaconu at GPI Translation Blog

Best practices to optimize your InDesign documents for translation

There are many best practices to optimize your InDesign documents for translation, but here are some of the top techniques to use:

1. Use lists appropriately

Lists: When creating a numbered list, have all items in the list number automatically by using the Numbered List option, instead of manually typing in numbers. This will ensure that the list will be correctly numbered after translation. In case of text expansion, when one item may be shifted to the next page, the risk of errors or different formatting for continued numbers is eliminated.

2. Inline anchored frames

When using creative design elements in lists (e.g. white numbers grouped with black circles, see example below), make the graphic number an inline anchored frame that will paginate with the list item text. If graphic bullets or numbers are not anchored to their accompanying text items, a DTP specialist at your translation company has twice the number of elements to manually reposition on the page when text expansion occurs. Each “bullet” or “number” will have to be manually “nudged” to line up with the first line of each list item. This one feature can save hours in a project if your InDesign file is translated into dozens of languages.

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