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Quick Tip: Working with Text Wrap and Fit Content Options in Adobe InDesign

By Dario Mendoza on VectorTuts+

Adobe In Design lets you wrap text around any object, including text frames and imported images. There are different styles to choose from and some features you can set up including the distance between the text and object frame. In the following Quick Tip you will learn more about basic image and text placement in InDesign. Let’s get started!

Activate Text Wrap

To activate this option go to: Window > Text Wrap (Option + Command + W).

There are five options to choose from:
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Importing Word Styles Only

By: Anne-Marie Concepcion on

If you want to bring in styles from a Word file, yes, you do have to import the Word doc manually. (The Load Styles command in InDesign’s Paragraph Styles and Character Styles panel menus can only import styles from other InDesign docs.)

However, once you import styled text from Word or from any source into an InDesign file, the styles that came along for the ride are now part of the InDesign file itself, even if you delete all the text you just brought in.

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Quick Tip: Create a Unique Table of Contents with Adobe InDesign

By Anthony D'Arco on VectorTuts+

Today we will take a quick look at how to be creative with style sheets and make a unique and highly editable table of contents in InDesign. Let’s get started!

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Display Performance Controls—They’re Everywhere!

by Barb Binder on Rocky Mountain Training blog

OK, that might be a slight exaggeration. But if you look through InDesign, you will find the controls in multiple locations. Do we really need the Display Performance controls in Preferences, the Object menu and the View menu? Turns out we do. But first, a little background… The Display Performance commands give us […]
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