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Quick Tip: The Gap Tool in InDesign CS5

The Gap Tool can be used to adjust the white-space in-between and around page items. This tool holds the ability to allow the user to work quickly with item heavy layouts as well as viewing real-time changes.

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Adobe InDesign: Ten Preferences That Deserve a Second Look

by Barb Binder

InDesign ships with default behaviors. Most of us will hunt down and change the ones that really bug us. This list represents some defaults that are mildly annoying. Still, take a look, maybe changing just one of them will brighten up your day. Mac users: start by choosing InDesign > Preferences; Windows users: […]

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Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Guidelines for InDesign

Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Team released a new help file to help InDesign users publish to the Kindle, and the file itself practices what it preaches: it’s an InDesign document. Neat.

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Quick Tip: Create Compound Frames in InDesign CS5

By using the pathfinder panel within InDesign CS5 it is possible to create a compound frame that can be used to import an image to create a unique effect. Find out more about Compound Frames at the jump.

Step 1

Start by creating a number of frames to work with. Select the Rectangle Frame tool from the Tool box or use Shortcut = F, click and drag to create the frames.

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