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DPS: Stop a video at the last frame

By Keith Gilbert

A technique being used by many publishers of content-rich tablet apps such as magazines is to have a video play on the cover or the first page of a feature, and then have the video “freeze” at the last frame. This can be done using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Johannes Henseler first documented…

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A Visual Guide to InDesign Preferences

By Mike Rankin for

It’s no “secret” that InDesign has a boat load of preferences. Press command/ctrl+k and you’re met with a dialog box offering eighteen sets of preferences. I was going to count how many individual settings there were, but even I’m not that much of a geek. Suffice to say, there’s a lot. One key thing to remember as you traipse through all those settings: some are application-wide and will affect your interactions with all documents, others will only affect the current document. You need to close all open documents to make changes in document-specific preferences apply to new documents (otherwise you’d just be changing the preference for the current document).

So how can you tell which ones are document-specific?

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Give your InDesign text a “highlighted” appearance

By The GraphicMac

Highlighted text sample

Ever want to give your text in Adobe InDesign a highlighted appearance but not want to bother with creating a separate piece of artwork to overlay? It’s a simple effect to create, with the added benefit that it sticks with the text when it gets reflowed.

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Compressing video for use in DPS

By Keith Gilbert for Gilbert Consulting blog

Use the following checklist to ensure that video content is optimized for tablet apps you create with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS).

[ ] Save the video in .mp4 format with .h264 encoding

[ ] Scale and crop the video to the exact size that you want it to play in your DPS app before placing it

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Dynamic Liquid Layout in InDesign (MAX Sneak Peek)

Watch Kiyomasa Toma, giving you a sneek peak on Liquid Layouts in InDesign.

Really awesome stuff!