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The Rough Cut Effect

By Mike Rankin on

We spend so much time and effort to make things look perfect in InDesign. Now it’s time to make something look really bad. But in a good way!

Basically, the effect is meant to make a photo look like it was roughly cut out of a piece of paper, so there’s a light border around the subject, but the border is irregular and it does not follow the silhouette of the subject exactly. This effect is a lot of fun and it’s super easy to make and adjust. Remember all that time and effort you put into learning how to make sweet Bezier curves with the Pen tool? Forget it. Your aim here is to do the worst silo job of your life. Well, after you do a good silo job in Photoshop first.

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Quick Tip: Using the Print Booklet Feature in InDesign CS5

Gavin Selby on VectorTuts

Sitting at the bottom of the File menu within InDesign is the Print Booklet feature. This feature has the potential to virtually cut out imposition time and for that reason it should not be overlooked. As print machines, paper sizes and ways of working vary I will try to keep this tut as generalised as possible. However the tut will be easier to follow if your design is portrait, saddle stitched(stapled) and contains eight pages or more.

Step 1

Start by opening your design. If you don’t have one, check my previous tut on how to create one How to Make an A5 Print Ready Leaflet InDesign CS5 or alternatively you can follow this link to download a template ready for instant use Elegant A6 Pocket Brochure Template. Note: as we are printing a saddle stitched booklet your pagination should be in multiples of four, for example 4, 8, 12, 16 and so on.

Step 2

Go to File > Print Booklet.

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