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Spanning and splitting columns

Set up spanning heads over any number of columns or split a group of columns into additional columns to save vertical space. A great tool for magazine or newsletter layouts.

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Exploring new FLA export options

Publish your InDesign project in a variety of Flash formats by using the enhanced Export dialog box in InDesign CS5. Set the background color and image handling resolution and leverage the new Flash TLF Text engine for enhanced text editability.

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Getting Started: What is InDesign CS5?

Learn about InDesign CS5, a professional design and layout tool for producing high quality documents for print and on-screen delivery.

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GS-01: Understanding the application window

Learn the components and features of the application window, including the application bar and control panel, to navigate the parts of a file and to set up a page correctly from scratch or find important information about a file.

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GS-02: New documents

Build a new InDesign document from the very beginning. Learn the basic ingredients of a document and why understanding the intent of a document can make a difference. Understand how to change the document setup of a previously built document.

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GS-03: Adding page numbering

Use a master page to add and style page numbers throughout a document, whether they are numeric or alphabetical.

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GS-05: Importing graphics

Learn how to add images to an InDesign document by using the Place function. Use the pasteboard as a holding location for images before final placement.

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InDesign CS5’s Layers Panel

See how the all new Layers panel lets you manage objects in complex documents with more control in InDesign CS5.

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InDesign CS5’s Selection Tool, Gap Tool & Live Corner Effects

Watch how you can make short work of everyday layout tasks using these intuitive productivity tools.

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Multiple Page Sizes in InDesign CS5

See how to simplify file tracking by creating a single InDesign document that includes layouts of different sizes.

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