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Designing for an iPad screen

I’ve been working a lot in recent weeks with the upcoming Adobe Digital Publishing platform for publishing content from InDesign to the iPad. I’ll certainly be talking more about this in future blog posts as the solution becomes public. (In the meantime, see the Adobe Digital Publishing Blog for…

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Interactive design tutorials and white paper

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately helping “print” designers get up to speed on designing interactive projects. A few months ago Adobe hired me to create some training resources about interaction design. The result is four free resources that can be found on (click on the…

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Two essential books for advanced InDesign users

If you do any InDesign scripting (or want to learn), or create any InDesign GREP searches (or want to learn), you need these eBooks by Peter Kahrel. If it were possible for eBooks to become “dog-eared”, mine would be. I refer to one or both of these books almost every week.Scripting InDesign CS3/4…

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