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Give your InDesign text a “highlighted” appearance

By The GraphicMac

Highlighted text sample

Ever want to give your text in Adobe InDesign a highlighted appearance but not want to bother with creating a separate piece of artwork to overlay? It’s a simple effect to create, with the added benefit that it sticks with the text when it gets reflowed.

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How to turn on or off InDesign stroke scaling

By James Dempsey on The Graphic Mac

When you’re scaling objects in Adobe InDesign that contain a stroke, you may have been frustrated by the fact that the stroke scales with it – or maybe you wish it did. Here’s the solution.

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Smart typography tips

There are plenty of sites that can help you with grammar and typography. Here are a few tips that can make your next printed piece more professional.

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Quickly rotate objects in Adobe InDesign without using the Rotate tool

A few quick shortcuts for rotating objects in your InDesign object

Rather than selecting your object and using the Rotate tool in the Tools panel, simply move your cursor to just outside the corner of your object with the Selection tool to reveal the hidden rotate icon – then just click and drag the mouse to rotate.

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Save screen space with Adobe InDesign’s convenient Control Panel

With more and more designers opting to use laptops for their work, screen real estate becomes more of an issue. One unfortunate side-effect of using Adobe Creative Suite applications like InDesign is the plethora of panels a designer keeps open on the screen in day-to-day work. But Adobe does make efforts to lighten the load of panels you have to keep open for convenience. Here’s how you can save a little space while still having convenient access to a few often-used tools.

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Temporarily turn off InDesign’s Snap feature

If you happen to have a lot of objects in a relatively small area and are trying to drag and drop an object in a specific location, it can be difficult to do so due to Adobe InDesign’s Snap To feature. Here’s a quick way to work around the problem.

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Spanning your InDesign headline across multiple columns of text

In the past you had to create a separate text container for your headline when you wanted to span it across a multi-column text box in InDesign. This presented problems with accurate spacing, and was a general pain in the behind. Thankfully, Adobe InDesign CS5 makes the process simple.

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How to balance text in multiple columns in your InDesign document

Rather than inserting hard returns, using the Enter key to force text to the next column, or adjusting the size of the text container itself to balance multiple columns of text, you can simply use InDesign CS5’s Balance Columns feature.

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Quickly hide all InDesign layers except one

Adobe has built-in a handy shortcut into InDesign that allows you to hide all the layers in your InDesign document except the one you wish to focus on.

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