Quick Tip: Adding Movies and Sounds to InDesign PDFs

By Dario Mendoza on VectorTuts+

Did you know that you can add movie and sound files to an InDesign CS4 project letting you build an Interactive document? In this Quick Tip you’ll learn how to embed files and export your final work to Adobe PDF.


This quick tip was written using the features of Adobe InDesign CS4; nevertheless you can find a section listing the principal changes and improvements made for CS5 and CS5.5 right before the conclusion.
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Batch Apply XMP ALT Tags to EPUB and HTML Images

By Anne-Marie Concepcion at InDesignsecrets.com

EPUB and HTML exports are more accessible with descriptive ALT tags you can apply with CS5.5’s Object Export Options. This script adds the missing “Apply to All” function.

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Creating Two Kinds of Page Breaks in EPUB with CS5.5

By Steve Werner in InDesignSecrets.com

You might want to set page breaks in an EPUB using two different paragraph styles in InDesign CS5.5. Here’s how.

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Document Overhead in InDesign’s PDF Can be Huuuuuuge

By David Blatner in InDesignSecrets.com

In which an exploration of why a PDF file is too large leads to two discoveries and an awesome tip

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Creative Place and Story Linking

By Cari Jensen on InDesignSecrets.com

This blog-post gives an example of how InDesign CS5.5’s new Linked Story feature can be used.

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The Holy Grail Has Been Found – Create Forms Fields in InDesign

By James Fritz on InDesignSecrets.com

Your prayers have been answered…

Sort of.

Begin by designing your form as normal inside InDesign. When you are ready to create the form fields, I recommend that you create a layer for the form buttons.

Next, draw empty frames (no formatting) wherever you would like text fields to be in your layout. After creating all of your text fields, convert each of them into a button. It is not necessary to give them any attributes like actions or appearances.

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EPUB Basics in CS5.5: The Articles Panel

By Steve Werner on InDesignSecrets.com

The Articles panel is an incredible time-saver when creating EPUB files from many print documents.

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Faster, Easier Accessible PDFs from InDesign CS5.5: New Video Tutorial on Adobe TV

By Michael Murphy on The InDesigner

A brand-new, two-part video series I recorded for Adobe TV launched today. It takes an in-depth look at the new features in InDesign CS 5.5 (and some improved older ones) that make the entire InDesign-to-accessible-PDF process faster, easier, and more reliable. Part I explores the new features that greatly reduce the time and number of […]

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Quick Tip: InDesign Working with Tabs

By Dario Mendoza on VectorTuts+

If you ever worked with a text processor you should be familiar of “Tabs”. When you press the Tab (Tabulator) key the cursor is displaced to the next tab stop; this is particularly useful when you need to organize content in a document. This Quick Tip is an introduction to working with Tabs in InDesign and is perfect for beginners.

Open the Tabs Palette

To open the Tabs palette go to “Type > Tabs” (Option + T).

You should be able to see the following in your workspace:

The palette units will be the same as the documents, in this case millimeters (mm). Suppose you want to change the document units while working on your file or just change it momentarily, you can do it without any worry since the units from the tab window will update automatically conserving the positions of the tabs.
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Why Does the Last Line Not Fit on My InDesign Page?

By David Blatner on InDesignSecrets.com

When the last line in a text frame gets pushed to the next page, it can raise questions!

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