Keep Your Pages in Order with Color Labels

By James Fritz on

Do all of your pages look the same in the pages panel? Try organizing them with color.

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Quick Tip: Using the Story Editor in InDesign CS5

By Gavin Selby on VectorTuts+

The Story Editor feature within InDesign is a great tool to know and utilise. Once mastered, you will be able to edit text clearly without distraction from formatting. Story Editor also has other advantages when handling text heavy documents. Instead of zooming and moving back and forth, the Story Editor will present the user with simple easy to read text. OK lets take a look.

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When Split Columns Won’t Split in InDesign

By David Blatner on

I’ve been dealing with two different problems with the split columns feature recently. I love the split and span columns features, but in both these cases, the feature was driving me to distraction because I could not figure out why text I selected would not split.

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Lost Images in the PDF on Your iPad or iPhone?

By Steve Werner in

Have you created a PDF and when you look at it on your iPad or iPhone some images are missing? Find out why.

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Why is the Effects Panel Grayed Out?

By Mike Rankin on

Have you ever tried to apply effects to a text frame, but the whole Effects panel was grayed out? Here’s why.

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How to resize pages in InDesign

By Keith Gilbert on Gilbert Consulting blog

Imagine you have a document consisting of a number of pages that contain text and images. Now you need to change the page size to be smaller or larger.One way to do this is to choose File > Document Setup, change the page dimensions, and click OK. While this works, it gives you no control over over where the extra page width or height is added or removed. But, in CS5, you can control this behavior…

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How to turn on or off InDesign stroke scaling

By James Dempsey on The Graphic Mac

When you’re scaling objects in Adobe InDesign that contain a stroke, you may have been frustrated by the fact that the stroke scales with it – or maybe you wish it did. Here’s the solution.

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Mastering Live Captions « IndiTip [InDesign® Tips&Tricks]

By Marijan Tompa (tomaxxi)on IndiTips

Live Captions were introduced in InDesign CS5 and functionality is the same in CS5.5 as well. Live Captions are very powerful when it comes to pulling metadata out of the image and displaying them on the page. But, why are they called “Live”? Because they are! They are like regular text variables, but they are “trained” to pull out metadata out of images and they change when you swap images. I will not go in details here how to create Live Captions, (click here to learn more about Live Captions) instead, I would like to show you how to work faster and to be more efficient by storing and reusing your Live Captions setups! So, let’s get started!

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Adobe Edge: May 2011 – Taking digital publishing to the tablet market with Adobe InDesign CS5.5

By Vikrant Rai on Caveat Lector

In the May 2011 issue of Adobe Edge, David Rich talks about publishing for tablet devices, and how Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is closing the time-to-market to deliver exceptional user experience to this new media.

Many traditional publishers, like Martha Stewart and Conde Nast, are taking advantage of new digital publishing opportunities on tablet devices. And they are not alone. Business publishers — organizations who make their money in ways other than selling content — are using digital publishing to extend their brand and engage their audiences. Take a look at major brands like Mercedes-Benz, EMI Music, and Red Bull. They are using tablet publications as a way to hook and engage consumers. But how does a print designer go about creating both a print and an online reading experience?

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New App – Digital Publishing Suite Tips

By Bob Bringhurst  on InDesignDocs

The Digital Publishing Suite Tips app is now available in the Apple Store. It’s part user guide, part cookbook, and part blog. If you have an iPad and you want to learn about the new Digital Publishing Suite tools, download the app and start playing.

Currently, the DPS Tips app includes two issues — Folio Basics and Interactive Overlays. The Folio Basics issue provides videos and tutorials for the new workflow that came out last week. The Interactive Overlays issue shows an example of each overlay type and explains how to create it.

Both folios include workarounds, tips, best practices, and links to interesting apps.

I’m also working on a third folio called “How Did They Do That?” It will show examples from iPad apps. I have a few articles lined up, but I’m looking for more examples. Please let me know if you’d like to show how you created an article in a folio or you there’s an article in someone else’s app that you’d like to figure out. You can reach me at bbringhu at adobe dot com.

The link to the DPS Tips app is here:

Here’s the link that jumps straight to iTunes:



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