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Image resolution for iPad publishing

By Keith Gilbert on

What is the minimum image resolution required when creating a document or screen that will be viewed on an iPad? The answer might surprise you.

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How to resize pages in InDesign

By Keith Gilbert on Gilbert Consulting blog

Imagine you have a document consisting of a number of pages that contain text and images. Now you need to change the page size to be smaller or larger.One way to do this is to choose File > Document Setup, change the page dimensions, and click OK. While this works, it gives you no control over over where the extra page width or height is added or removed. But, in CS5, you can control this behavior…

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Use Notes to Hide Text in InDesign

By Keith Gilbert on

What if you’re working in InDesign (or InCopy), and decide to delete a big chunk of text that you’ve ever-so-carefully crafted? You don’t really want to delete it, do you? What if you decide later that you want to include it after all?

One real slick way to deal with this is to use the Notes feature of InDesign/InCopy.

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The best way to create a Straddle Head

By Keith Gilbert in

The new Span Columns feature of InDesign CS5 provides a really quick and simple way to create a headline that straddles multiple columns. But what if you use an older version of InDesign?

Most users just select the headline. cut it out of the text frame, and paste it into a separate text frame above the text columns. The trouble with this is that the headline is then completely separate from the rest of the text. This comes back to haunt you later if you need to export the entire article to XML, HTML, or text format, or if you want File > Select All to select the entire story. It’s a much better practice to make the head a part of the text flow of the story. This is really easy to do, and is no more work than the cut and paste method. Here’s how:

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4 Situations Where InDesign Ignores You

Keith is feeling ignored by InDesign today. Discover four situations where InDesign, like a headstrong teenager, ignores your wishes.

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New script to output single pages to Interactive PDF

Keith has created a simple set of scripts that let you choose to output single pages or reader spreads when you export to Interactive PDF.

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CS5 bug with anchored objects on spreads

Beware of this bug that can make anchored objects fail to print or output to PDF in CS5.

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InDesign CS5’s new Bounding Box

Don’t overlook CS5’s incredibly useful Transformation Bounding Box!

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ePub best practices: Capitalization

The ePub format has a number of formatting restrictions. When designing documents that may one day be repurposed for ePub output, it’s in your best interest to follow some InDesign page layout “best practices”.One such “best practice” is in how capitalization is handled. It’s not uncommon for…

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