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Secrets of the Control Panel Revealed

By Mike Rankin on

The Control panel is teeming with hidden shortcuts to other panels, preferences, and dialog boxes. Here’s not one, but four maps, to reveal them all.

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Interactive Shortcuts Guide for InDesign CS5

Keyboard shortcuts are a big time saver! And when I say big, I mean BIG! :D I love shortcuts, and by time, they become part of you, and your everyday workflow! But! It’s becoming difficult to remember all shortcuts when you use more than one program, and I know you do! So, I decided to create nice little interactive shortcuts guide and to be even better, I wanted to use just InDesign‘s interactive features!

It was quite a challenge for me even though I knew how to use InDesign and InDesign‘s interactive features. I know, it sounds crazy, but InDesign is really awesome for creating interactive content too! To be honest, I was quite skeptic about interactivity inside such awesome typographic software, but I’m really blown away! Flash is powerful, and you can do a way more and have much more control, but InDesign is just simple and effective! Here are few screen shots that were made from finished InDesign layout before exporting.

So, you might be wondering how this is really created. Here is short outline of workflow I’ve used to create this interactive guide. Remember, I’ve used just InDesign!

  • Collect all shortcuts PC and Mac
  • Create InDesign Keyboard Layout
  • Create Object Styles for Normal/Over/Click keys
  • Input all shortcuts to tables (every key to separate page)
  • Merge shortcuts page to Multi-State Object with script
  • Assign every key to Multi-State Object state
  • Export to SWF

I think there is no need to explain how to use this guide. :) Simply start it and explore! In case you still need some help, there is short Quick Start Guide. :)

That’s it! I hope that you will find this guide useful and helpful! Please, if you have any suggestions, feedback, and even if you find errors, do not hesitate to send me an email!

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Adobe InDesign CS5: Tool Hints (or How to Remember Shortcuts!)

by Barb Binder A lot of my Adobe InDesign CS5 students want to use keyboard shortcuts and tool modifier keys, but feel like they just can’t keep them all straight in their heads. By the time they remember (or look up) the shortcut, they may as well have just used the menu command. In the past, […]

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Top Ten InDesign CS5 Typography Shortcuts

This week Mike is in a particularly aggressive mood. But its because wants everyone to be awesome using InDesign Shortcuts. This week Creative Sweet TV showcases the top ten essential shortcuts required to set type in InDesign. The shortcuts include, Soft returns, point size, leading, baseline shift, Indent to here, right indent tabs and the list goes on…

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