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Hiding Sound Files in an Interactive PDF

By Steve Werner on

When you’re creating interactive PDF files, hiding your sound files is surprisingly tricky. Here are a couple of tricks to help.

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Creating Two Kinds of Page Breaks in EPUB with CS5.5

By Steve Werner in

You might want to set page breaks in an EPUB using two different paragraph styles in InDesign CS5.5. Here’s how.

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EPUB Basics in CS5.5: The Articles Panel

By Steve Werner on

The Articles panel is an incredible time-saver when creating EPUB files from many print documents.

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Lost Images in the PDF on Your iPad or iPhone?

By Steve Werner in

Have you created a PDF and when you look at it on your iPad or iPhone some images are missing? Find out why.

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Creating a Two-Function Button for Interactive PDF or SWF

By Steve Werner in

How to create a button that appears to have two appearances and toggles two actions.

I’ve posted before about how to create a button which both shows and hides another object. Such an interactivity effect can be exported both in an interactive PDF file and in a SWF file which can be played in a web browser.

The method which I described is to give the trigger button two events. Events are mouse actions. I described giving an action to the On Roll Over event to show a picture, and giving the same button an action to hide the picture during the On Roll Off event. (Alternatively, you could have the picture show when the trigger button is clicked—the On Click event—and have it hide when the mouse button is released—the On Releaseevent.

But on the Adobe InDesign Forum, I saw this request:

Using InDesign CS5, I’m trying to create a button that when clicked, shows another button; when clicked again, hides the button that was previously shown. Like a toggle. I’ve not been able to do this.


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Changing Layer Visibility in an Interactive PDF

Here’s a tutorial on how to change layer visibility in an interactive PDF file.

Show/hide buttons can let you show and hide objects which have themselves been turned into buttons. But, in InDesign, show/hide buttons cannot control the visibility of layers. I think it’s because of the way buttons are handled in a PDF file. They are treated as a separate “layer” above the “content” of the PDF file. (The Preview panel in InDesign CS5 is mostly accurate in previewing SWF output, not PDF, because it uses InDesign’s new Flash capabilities.)

However, you can change the layer visibility of a PDF file, you just can’t do it in InDesign alone. You also have to make use of the layer controls in Acrobat. So here’s a simple example which has three layers—a yellow background, text, and a graphic. We’d like to turn the background on and off with a button.

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