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Importing Word Styles Only

By: Anne-Marie Concepcion on

If you want to bring in styles from a Word file, yes, you do have to import the Word doc manually. (The Load Styles command in InDesign’s Paragraph Styles and Character Styles panel menus can only import styles from other InDesign docs.)

However, once you import styled text from Word or from any source into an InDesign file, the styles that came along for the ride are now part of the InDesign file itself, even if you delete all the text you just brought in.

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Convert Character Styled Text to Paragraph Styled Text

By Anne-Marie Concepcion in

What to do when you inherit a file from someone who used Character Styles instead of Paragraph Styles (of course, you would never make that mistake yourself, right?).

When I work with clients who are already using InDesign, and they send me one of their actual INDD files, the first thing I do after opening their document is open the Character Styles panel. At least 25% of the time, I find at least one—or to my dismay, many—character styles that should have been paragraph styles. Like this:

This is a made up example but it’s emblematic of the problem. The user created a character style called “Body-no indent” and is applying it by selecting all the body text and clicking on the character style name. Ditto for the green subhead, and other styles. Often, they also create paragraph styles of the same name, and apply both to the text. Just in case, you know?


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