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Quick Tip: InDesign Working with Tabs

By Dario Mendoza on VectorTuts+

If you ever worked with a text processor you should be familiar of “Tabs”. When you press the Tab (Tabulator) key the cursor is displaced to the next tab stop; this is particularly useful when you need to organize content in a document. This Quick Tip is an introduction to working with Tabs in InDesign and is perfect for beginners.

Open the Tabs Palette

To open the Tabs palette go to “Type > Tabs” (Option + T).

You should be able to see the following in your workspace:

The palette units will be the same as the documents, in this case millimeters (mm). Suppose you want to change the document units while working on your file or just change it momentarily, you can do it without any worry since the units from the tab window will update automatically conserving the positions of the tabs.
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