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Changing UI preferences in Javascript

A new feature in InDesign CC is the Dark UI. You can now adjust UI brightness and other UI properties using scripting.

  • matchPreviewBackgroundToThemeColor: If set to true the Preview Background color will be set to match the Theme Color
  • pasteboardColorPreference: Lets you set Pasteboard Color preference. Use 0 to set pasteboard color preference to Default White, and 1 to set preference to Match with Theme Color.
  • uiBrightnessPreference: Lets you specify the Application User Interface brightness preference (from 0.0 to 1.0). To use color theme brightness preset values, specify 0.0 for Dark, 0.33 for Medium Dark, 0.67 for Medium Bright, and 1.0 for Bright. Any value between 0.0 and 1.0 can also be used.

Here is an example in JavaScript:

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Creating QR Codes in JavaScript

A new feature in InDesign CC is the ability to create and place QR codes. Here, I show how to do this using JavaScript.

The following APIs are available:

  • createHyperlinkQRCode: for creating a QR code for a hyperlink).
  • createEmailQRCode: for creating a QR code for an email address.
  • createPlainTextQRCode: for creating a QR code for arbritary text.
  • createTextMsgQRCode: for creating a QR code for an SMS message.
  • createVCardQRCode: for creating a QR code for a vcard.

Here’s a nice easy sample:

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Creating new plug-ins with the Dolly command line tool

Dolly is a Java application for generating new InDesign plug-in projects. It is included with the Plug-in SDK.

Dolly has a simple user interface, but it can also be used from the command line. The user interface version of Dolly has a limited number of settings that you can adjust, so using the command line has its advantages.

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