About Me



My name is Kelly Almon and I am an Enterprise Interaction Designer at Adobe, where my role involves advocating for users in enterprise domains. Everyone knows User Experience for customers is foundational to any business venture and Adobe can help you deliver excellent customer experience. However, customers are not the only users. Traditionally ignored, users of enterprise software often include company employees of all levels who for years have had to contend with cumbersome software systems that do little to improve their productivity, to say nothing of their job satisfaction. We at Adobe aim to change that; with software suites directly targeted for solving enterprise problems. We call it Digital Enterprise Solutions. For more about these products, visit Adobe’s website at http://www.adobe.com/enterprise.html


On the personal side of things, I am a Seattle native currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. After starting out in graphic design, I found Interaction Design in grad school the way some people find religion. Other than geeking out over all things design, my hobbies include reading, baking, painting and being a nerdy dilettante.