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I will never be a power user but your media business depends on me (and millions like me)

Users often interact with similar content in different ways. Online news content is a good area to see this clearly. And it is getting a lot of attention these days following the release of the Pew Report on “Navigating News Online.” Some people are casual browsers, visiting sites and stories suggested by their social network. Some people are occasional users, checking in with a news website once a week. There are mobile users who consume immense amounts of content through their mobile device. Others are power users – super consumers who visit several sites, get massive amounts of content, often on a computer, and share that content with others.


Then there are people like me. I consider myself a multi-channel regular user: I consume news content in several different ways (email digest, through websites, rss feeds, and apps on my phone) at least once a day. I never though about why I interacted with similar sites and content in different ways until reading some of the recent articles about the ways people consume news.

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