Illustrator CS6 | The all-new Save for Web dialog box

Illustrator CS6 has been enhanced and streamlined in various areas like performance, efficiency, and usability. While improving on the existing prowess of the product is great, it is also important to modernize and restructure features that, over time, are used differently, or have become less relevant, or are just not used any more.

The Save for Web feature is used, chiefly, to optimize artwork and images for the purpose of using it in web browsers and applications. This was achieved by optimizing image size and color. However, as the web evolves and bandwidth becomes increasingly and easily available, the Save for Web feature has also evolved to keep up with the times. The feature has been reworked, and the changes include availability of certain formats from different menu options, removal of the WBMP format and automatic HTML generation, and modifications to the slices feature.

Save for Web dialog box in Illustrator CS6

Save for Web dialog box in Illustrator CS6

Save for Web

The Save for Web & Devices dialog box has been renamed and is now the Save for Web dialog box. This reflects the convergence of web formats and the new and enhanced capabilities of mobile devices. For the same reason, Device Central is no longer available in Creative Suite 6. The Save for Web dialog has also been fine-tuned to enhance usability, and other notable changes include:

  • The Image Size panel is now available to interact with directly; no tabs to navigate through.
  • The Image Size options are dynamic, enabling you to preview your changes as you go. You no longer have to click the Apply button to preview your changes.
  • The option to export slices has been moved into the Save for Web dialog (previously found in the Save Optimized As dialog)

SVG and SWF formats

The capabilities of mobile devices and web rendering technologies have improved, and we can safely choose quality over size.  Therefore, the option to save images as SWF or SVG has been removed from the Save for Web feature.

  • To save as SWF file format, click File > Export, and then choose Flash (*.swf) from the Save as type list.
  • To save as SVG file format, click File > Save As, and then choose SVG (*.svg) from the Save as type list.

Unavailable format: WBMP

The WBMP (wireless bitmap, .wbmp file) format was originally created to support images over WAP (wireless application protocol). These images were monochrome, and were effective when the availability of wireless bandwidth was minimal. The emergence of mobile broadband and 4G technologies have made the WBMP format obsolete. The capability to save to the .wbmp file format has been removed from the Save for Web dialog.

HTML export

The ability to save HTML has been removed from the Save for Web dialog box. However, if required, you can still get HTML code – in the Save for Web dialog, click Preview, and use the HTML code at the bottom of the browser window. In Photoshop CS6 though, Export to HTML is still available and you could save to HTML from there.

Output settings

The Output Settings dialog box, used to control HTML file formatting, slice naming, and background image handling, has been removed.

40 Responses to Illustrator CS6 | The all-new Save for Web dialog box

  1. Nicolas says:

    The removal of the HTML Export option is quite unfortunate.

    The CS6 script refernce still documents the “saveAsHTML” property. It does not seem to work any more, however.

    Which is consistent with the announcement in this blog, but extremely annoying for people relying on automation.

  2. Serge says:

    Why Adobe disables these tools, so agile and functional?
    Now we’re screwed again!
    Back and install the CS5.5 …

  3. Serge says:

    Earlier in CS5.5, you could export tables, CSS Styles … exportr we had the opportunity to Html, Html + Images, Images Only … We had a very good export preferences, we could create export profiles … and now only a poor and limited html code … very bad decision ….

  4. Serge says:

    …we had the ability to export Html, Html + Images, Images Only … (Sorry… Google Trans error…)

  5. Gina says:

    That is so dumb! Why did they remove HTML export?

  6. Joey says:

    This post’s attitude on bandwidth is interesting. In particular, the removal of the Save for Web SVG option and that we can “safely choose quality over size.” This flies in the face of everything the leaders of the web design/development community have been saying.

    Desktop bandwidth is surely not an issue, but the ever-increasing use of mobile devices and devices with high PPI counts mean that file size is still very important.

  7. Dag Gullik says:

    Why is the option to apply changes (like image size) now removed?

    It makes no sense that I have to change the optimization method to have the image size change go in effect.

  8. nicolas says:

    porque sacaron eso¿?¿?¿? como sacar algo que ya esta puesto en el programa hace años!
    espero que lo solucionen con algun parche!

  9. Richard says:

    Love the new look and added features. Why they felt it was a good idea to remove the save HTML function is beyond me. What a frustration. This saved so much of my time.

    I have been using this product for 20 years (v1.0) and this is the first noticable disappointment I have had with an Illustrator update.

    I hope the comments above like mine are put into consideration with the next update and this function is restored.

  10. ANGRY PERSON says:

    WTF!!! thanks for removing the slice export options! it’s really awesome that i’m stuck with having my slices going to a stupid ‘images’ folder i didn’t ask for. thanks.

  11. Lucas says:

    A bad decision! Remove the Output Settings dialog box? Why? Forces us to save our files in the folder do not want.

  12. Tim says:

    Removing the ability to create a custom setting is crazy. To remove the row and column values and to be able to slice out different nav states means manually renaming files was a huge time saver. Adobe must introduce the ability to turn off the extra slicing name info. This is something Microsoft would do.

  13. Rory says:

    SVG support in modern browsers is getting better and better.

    So why get rid of the SVG slice export feature?! Makes no sense.

  14. Rudolf says:

    This new version of “Save for web & devices” is quite unlucky. I type desired size of a jpg for example and it changes the size. I type 850 instead of 1600 and it changes the 850 to 849 or 85. It simply doesn’t work!

  15. Thomas says:

    Until this is restored I’m most likely going to drop the CS6 subscription as I’m still in the 30 day trial. Another issue is the contract aspect of the subscription and the early cancellation fee. Two very wrong, bad decisions. My reasons are you don’t take away functionality once given. You make me not want to invest my time to learn new features if you are only going to kill them off in the future. Allow my learning effort to last me a lifetime. On the subscription issue, contracts with early cancellation fees are predatory.

  16. aggravated guy says:

    I agree this has made my homework so hard!

  17. Andrew says:

    So, how do I un-check Convert to sRGB?

  18. Bruce says:

    Bring back the HTML Export please..!

  19. Kevin says:

    It says “Image Size options are now dynamic blah blah”. Ok, so I have typed 200 in the percent box and nothing is happening. (we use it to send out renderings to customers and set it to 200% so they can clearly see). Used to hit “Apply” and now they took out Apply, but how do I make it APPLY?

  20. dennis says:

    What a bummer. We used that feature to export wireframes that link off to mockups. Not sure why they made this so inconvenient. Please put it back and release a patch.

  21. Scott Walters says:

    Why can’t we save in CS5 format while working in CS6 in Illustrator? There is no option to do so.

  22. sheryl says:

    Agreed !

    (Joey, Serge, Gina, Nicolas)

    .. and SVG is becoming more important !
    So is mobile.. file size IS important.

  23. kim says:

    The ‘Save for Web’ separates the graphic designer from the web developer. Copying the HTML code from the Preview works, but…it’s more work!

  24. private says:

    Why take HTML automation functionality away?

  25. Steven Williams says:

    WTF…. why??

  26. David says:

    Removing SVG from save-for-web was a big fail. Now I have to copy each asset from my working file to a new file with the perfect canvas size and then save-as?? I prefer slices for this activity, thank you very much.

  27. Singe Black says:

    People panicked when they replaced the horse and buggy with the automobile. Come on people, HTML export used tables and limited CSS. Building websites from tables is deprecated. In other words obsolete.
    If you still need to do simple mock-ups, and know nothing about CSS, then use Muse. That is what Adobe built it for.

  28. Andy says:

    Seriously, Adobe removes the ability to save layers as CSS DIVs and export HTML? Do they even know what features thier customers need? Adobe please quit spamming designers with these useless upgrades.

  29. Nate says:

    well i bought the adobe cs6 suite pretty much specifically for web slicing using Illustrator. Extremely annoyed that some genius decided to remove it. feel like i just wasted my money…back to cs5 : \

  30. Randy says:

    Removal of the HTML creation capabilities in Illustrator was a horrible decision. I was a great feature and has forced me to reinstall CS5.5.

    A very bad decision by Adobe!

  31. tania says:

    why would they remove the html option!?! it doesnt make any sense

  32. Ben says:

    Not happy about the removal of the save prefs. I’m getting sick of having to move my files out of the “images” folder that it is creating. It is also very annoying that after I hit save/cancel/done the window pops back open and I have to hit save/cancel/done to close it. The resize bug needs to get fixed as well.

  33. captainAmerica says:

    Si cette stupide décision de supprimer les presets d’export ne me rendait pas mon process de travail fastidieux et chronophage inutilement (renommer — enlever les _01, _02, etc. — et déplacer de /images/ au bon repertoire, et ce à la moindre modification), je serais mort de rire, tant c’est absurde. Comment peut-on prendre une telle décision aussi bête ?

    (C’est vrai que lorsqu’on a tué toute concurrence en trustrant le marché et rendant l’utilisation de ses produits obligatoires pour qui veut travailler avec des agences et autres, on peut tout se permettre, même rendre le travail de ses clients pénible, puisqu’ils seront obligés de continuer à acheter)

    (Google translation: If this stupid decision to remove export presets did not make me my process unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming (rename – remove the _01, _02, etc. – And move / images / directory to the right, and the lower modification), I would have died laughing, as it is absurd. How can we make such a decision so stupid?

    (It is true that when killed any competition in the market and trustrant making use of its products mandatory for anyone who wants to work with agencies and others can get away with anything, even make work difficult clients as they will be forced to continue to buy))

  34. Emily says:

    so frustrated right now… I can’t understand WHY they would take away the ability to save as html… not happy with my new cs6 purchase at all right now.

  35. Jim says:

    Seriously Adobe, what the?!?! Why did you remove the ability to create slices for SVG objects? Bad idea! I’ve got entire files of icon sets all sliced up for exporting and now they are useless. Time to downgrade.

  36. Drew says:

    I agree with comments, removing SVG from Save-for-web was a bad idea! Bring it back, Bring it back!

  37. smtp says:

    Adobe!!! Force loyal users to use Creative Cloud!?
    An “UPGRADE” is supposed to work BETTER than the previous version!!!

  38. Nicolay Bell says:

    This was clearly meant to improve the export, but what I don’t understand is why you removed the HTML feature. Copying from the preview creates the tables, but codes the images as a background and not the content itself. This is really frustrating!

    Please bring back the old HTML export! I love the new features in CS6, but this made me go back to Illustrator CS5 to build my new website.

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  40. Sergio says:

    “The Output Settings dialog box, used to control HTML file formatting, slice naming, and background image handling, has been removed” So.. How I supposed to change all that feats? 🙁 what you were thinking!!!!