LISA 2010 SuZhou

LISA Forum 2010 was held in Crowne Plaza Hotel of SuZhou on June 28-30, 2010. It is my honor to give my presentation on “Globalization Support in Adobe Flash Platform” in my first attendence of the forum.

Because there is a local airport in SuZhou. The closest airport is in ShangHai, which is about 100km far way. All travellers who want to go to SuZhou by flight have to land in ShangHai, and switch the train to SuZhou. I don’t like to take flight to travel, especially, I have to switch the traffic vehical, so I decided to take the train to SuZhou directly.

Because it was past the Dragon Boat Festival, and the college students have started their summer break, it is easy to get a train ticket. I bought my round-trip train tickets one week ahead, both are of sleeping car. The train leaves Beijing in the evening, and arrives SuZhou in the early morning, I can sleep in the train without reserving my hotel.

9:30PM, June 28, I took on the train D385 from Beijing to SuZhou. The train offers almost the same facilitates that are available in hotel. Each bed has a TV, a reading light, a pair of slippers, the clean sheet. I even found a power slot under the table.

The train arrived SuZhou Railway Station on time. It was a bit rainy. The weather was very hot and humid. SuZhou Railway Station is not as large as Beijing, and it was easy to find a taxi. The taxi took me to the conference venue quickly.

The hotel locates in SuZhou Industry Science Park. It is built in the side of a lake. The whole building looks like a huge ship. The conference hadn’t started, when I arrived, so I took a rest in the lobby.

The meeting started at 9:00AM. The chairman of LISA, Mr. Michael Anbile, welcomed the attendees in his open speech. He emphasised the change that happened in China, and the focum of this year was named as “LISA 2010 China Focus”. 

The next speaker was from the host of this forum – Ms. Daisy Gao, the president of SuZhou Industry & Science Park (SIS Park). Ms. Gao welcomed the attendees to SuZhou, and introduced the roadmap of SIS Park, and the advantages of SuZhou on software development and outsourcing.

Next, the senior VP of hiSoft, Ms. Sarah Bajc gave the presentation about cloud computing and its impact to globalization. It was a very new topic to me, because I had never thought about the globalization requirement for cloud yet.

My presentation was schedule at 1:30PM. My topic is about globalization support in Adobe Flash Platform. This is a very technical topic for engineers. From the topics in the morning, I noticed that all topics were focusing the high level discussion. I started to worry about if I brought a right topic that people would be interested in.

Before my presentation started, my colleague, Mr. Dirk Meyer, came to me and asked me if I was nervous. I told him I was not. I had given presentations to different audiences on technical training sessions and Sun TechDay conferences. Today, my topic was a familiar area and it was just my daily work, why nervous? But I did appreciate Dirk’s great help and support. He spent a lot of time to review my slides, and gave me many valuable comments. He even helped me on checking my spelling. He told me that he would stay in the last row of my session, and I could ask for his help wheneven I needed.

The number of audience was about 40. That was 40% of total audience. It seemed that my topic was not so boring.

The whole presentation was delivered well, because I had written down the words that I planned to say, and practiced for several times. The only problem was the time was a bit tight. A 40-minute session was definitely not enough for me to present many thing in detail. I had to mention them very briefly.

When I completed my presentation and was going to leave, a couple of attendees came to me. They told me that they liked my presentation. One of them is the globalization engineering manager from Trend Technologies. She came from NanJing. Another one was Mr. David Chen from Facebook globalization team. David was very glad that I came from Beijing, because he had stayed in Beijing for many years, before he moved to US. From our talking, I was surprised that David was a heart surgery doctor in Gerenal Hospital of Chinese Navy, and he was managing the community translation at Facebook. David introduced how Facebook was attracting the community translators, and managing their translation contribution with a complicated process, including translation, suggestion, review, vote and approval. Every participant could get the recognation and promotion in the community, as long as he contributed the high quality and big volume translation. With the help from the process, every community contributor enjoyed their work. Under the support from community, Facebook had been translated into 70+ languages. It was expected that Facebook could be localized into 100+ languages in the future.

From his introduction, I realized that Facebook had a very deep understand to community culture, though Facebook is still a very young company. And at the same time, Adobe hasn’t found out what the sprit of community was, though Adobe has been promoting the community and offering the best translation tools for community people.

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