Using Vibe

Vibe is an Adobe internal made microblog. Though I got the trial invitation last year, and had a try with it, I didn’t pay much attention. I didn’t know what I could do with a few hundrads of words. At that time, I was still enjoying the blog, and didn’t know about what Twitter was.

I came to think of it again recently, because I found it was boring to read team’s daily or weekly update from emails or wiki. Generally, the daily or weekly update is a short description what I do and what problem I have. And the most important is that I want other team members or peers or clients know what I am doing and what help I am seeking for. Writing an email to others, the email will sink down in the email list quickly. Wiki is a good choice to share these information, but I don’t want to edit the wiki again to let others know my issue is resolved with someone’s help.

Microblog seems to meet my requirement well. I can post my daily update and issues to Vibe, and others can reply me if they can give me a hand. And with the approach, every team member can share their status via Vibe, and I don’t need them to send me a weekly email report any more.

When I first tryied Vibe, I met many problems: I can’t see the people names in my crowd, and I don’t know who post a vibe. So I had to ask help from the developers – Chris Mayo and Mark Ellis. They are so kind to solve my issue quickly. Now, I am planning to migrate my weekly and daily update to Vibe with my team.

Vibe is really an excellent application, and I love it.

Finally, I want to say “thanks” to Mark and Mayo for their great support in the whole process.

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