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LISA 2010 SuZhou

LISA Forum 2010 was held in Crowne Plaza Hotel of SuZhou on June 28-30, 2010. It is my honor to give my presentation on “Globalization Support in Adobe Flash Platform” in my first attendence of the forum.

Because there is a local airport in SuZhou. The closest airport is in ShangHai, which is about 100km far way. All travellers who want to go to SuZhou by flight have to land in ShangHai, and switch the train to SuZhou. I don’t like to take flight to travel, especially, I have to switch the traffic vehical, so I decided to take the train to SuZhou directly.

Because it was past the Dragon Boat Festival, and the college students have started their summer break, it is easy to get a train ticket. I bought my round-trip train tickets one week ahead, both are of sleeping car. The train leaves Beijing in the evening, and arrives SuZhou in the early morning, I can sleep in the train without reserving my hotel.

9:30PM, June 28, I took on the train D385 from Beijing to SuZhou. The train offers almost the same facilitates that are available in hotel. Each bed has a TV, a reading light, a pair of slippers, the clean sheet. I even found a power slot under the table.

The train arrived SuZhou Railway Station on time. It was a bit rainy. The weather was very hot and humid. SuZhou Railway Station is not as large as Beijing, and it was easy to find a taxi. The taxi took me to the conference venue quickly.

The hotel locates in SuZhou Industry Science Park. It is built in the side of a lake. The whole building looks like a huge ship. The conference hadn’t started, when I arrived, so I took a rest in the lobby.

The meeting started at 9:00AM. The chairman of LISA, Mr. Michael Anbile, welcomed the attendees in his open speech. He emphasised the change that happened in China, and the focum of this year was named as “LISA 2010 China Focus”. 

The next speaker was from the host of this forum – Ms. Daisy Gao, the president of SuZhou Industry & Science Park (SIS Park). Ms. Gao welcomed the attendees to SuZhou, and introduced the roadmap of SIS Park, and the advantages of SuZhou on software development and outsourcing.

Next, the senior VP of hiSoft, Ms. Sarah Bajc gave the presentation about cloud computing and its impact to globalization. It was a very new topic to me, because I had never thought about the globalization requirement for cloud yet.

My presentation was schedule at 1:30PM. My topic is about globalization support in Adobe Flash Platform. This is a very technical topic for engineers. From the topics in the morning, I noticed that all topics were focusing the high level discussion. I started to worry about if I brought a right topic that people would be interested in.

Before my presentation started, my colleague, Mr. Dirk Meyer, came to me and asked me if I was nervous. I told him I was not. I had given presentations to different audiences on technical training sessions and Sun TechDay conferences. Today, my topic was a familiar area and it was just my daily work, why nervous? But I did appreciate Dirk’s great help and support. He spent a lot of time to review my slides, and gave me many valuable comments. He even helped me on checking my spelling. He told me that he would stay in the last row of my session, and I could ask for his help wheneven I needed.

The number of audience was about 40. That was 40% of total audience. It seemed that my topic was not so boring.

The whole presentation was delivered well, because I had written down the words that I planned to say, and practiced for several times. The only problem was the time was a bit tight. A 40-minute session was definitely not enough for me to present many thing in detail. I had to mention them very briefly.

When I completed my presentation and was going to leave, a couple of attendees came to me. They told me that they liked my presentation. One of them is the globalization engineering manager from Trend Technologies. She came from NanJing. Another one was Mr. David Chen from Facebook globalization team. David was very glad that I came from Beijing, because he had stayed in Beijing for many years, before he moved to US. From our talking, I was surprised that David was a heart surgery doctor in Gerenal Hospital of Chinese Navy, and he was managing the community translation at Facebook. David introduced how Facebook was attracting the community translators, and managing their translation contribution with a complicated process, including translation, suggestion, review, vote and approval. Every participant could get the recognation and promotion in the community, as long as he contributed the high quality and big volume translation. With the help from the process, every community contributor enjoyed their work. Under the support from community, Facebook had been translated into 70+ languages. It was expected that Facebook could be localized into 100+ languages in the future.

From his introduction, I realized that Facebook had a very deep understand to community culture, though Facebook is still a very young company. And at the same time, Adobe hasn’t found out what the sprit of community was, though Adobe has been promoting the community and offering the best translation tools for community people.

LISA 2010 苏州

2010年6月28日-30日,LISA 2010年论坛在中国苏州科技园的皇冠假日酒店举行,我第一次参加了这次论坛,并发表了《Adobe Flash 平台国际化支持》的讲演。






会议于早上9:00准时开始,首先是LISA的主席Michael Anobile先生致欢迎词,他着重强调了在过去一年里中国的发展以及给世界带来的变化,LISA由此将这次论坛定为”LISA 2010 China Focus”。

然后,作为本次论坛的东道主,苏州科技园的主任 Daisy Gao女士欢迎大家来到苏州,并为大家介绍了苏州科技园的宏伟构想及在软件外包领域的诸项优势。

之后的演讲者是海辉(hiSoft)的高级副总裁Sarah Bajc女士介绍云计算以及在云计算时代为国际化和本地化工作带来的种种机遇与挑战。可能是因为Sarah女士以前在物流领域的职业经历,她特别习惯拿Amazon举例子。她的演讲也是非常关注一些很高层面的讨论,听完后好像明白了,但又发现似乎还是无从下手。


下午的第一个演讲就是我的,我演讲的题目是《Globalization Support in Adobe Flash Platform》,一个非常面向技术人员的题目。因为我是第一次参加LISA这样的会议,之前并不确定这样的题目是否有人会感兴趣,特别是听完上午的内容后,发现我的题目可能太技术了。

开始之前,我的同事Dirk Meyer过来问我是不是紧张,我告诉他不紧张。虽然我之前用英语讲演的机会并不多,但在各种会议和培训中都讲过,又一次还是在Sun 科技日,面对近千名技术工程师,今天的场合完全没有什么要紧张的,尤其有时自己擅长的技术题目。不过我还是要感谢Dirk,他在此之前认真地为我检查了我的幻灯片,提出了许多非常好的意见,还特别仔细地为我找出了一些拼写错误,今天他还特意告诉我,他会坐在会场的最后一排,如果有什么需要帮助的,可以随时请他帮忙。


演讲完后,在我离开会场之前,有几位听众特别来找我,他们告诉我他们很喜欢我将的内容,其中一位是来自趋势科技国际化部门的经理,在南京工作,还有一位是美国facebook公司负责本地化工作的经理David Chen。在谈话过程中,David知道我从北京过来,他感到很高兴,因为他在去美国之前,曾经在北京工作过多年。我也从交谈中得知,他80年代毕业于北京医科大学,曾经是海军总医院的一名心脏外科医生,发表过多篇有关心脏手术的论文,目前在facebook负责facebook网站的社区翻译工作。David详细地给我介绍了facebook目前支持75种语言的本地化网页,绝大多数都是有社区的翻译人员贡献的。为了方便管理社区的翻译,facebook开发了一整套翻译、建议、审查、投票、批准的流程,对每个翻译人员和投票人员的信誉和能力进行评价,如果谁的翻译贡献的又多又好,他会在社区中得到大家的尊重,并被给与对翻译的最后批准权。更重要的是,这些荣誉都是动态的,如果某人在社区中的参与逐渐减少,或者在某些领域并不熟悉,他的评分就会逐渐降低,甚至丢掉批准翻译的权利。这套系统大大地鼓励了社区人员的,调动了他们的积极性,facebook现在还有数十种语言的翻译正在进行中,届时会使facebook的语言支持达到100多种。作为一个只有几年的年轻公司,能够如此透彻地了解社区文化,真的让我感到非常惊讶。深深地感受到,虽然Adobe也一直在倡导社区翻译,并不断努力为社区的翻译人员创建最好的翻译辅助工具,但一直没有真正了解什么是社区,它是一种什么样的文化。



Using Vibe

Vibe is an Adobe internal made microblog. Though I got the trial invitation last year, and had a try with it, I didn’t pay much attention. I didn’t know what I could do with a few hundrads of words. At that time, I was still enjoying the blog, and didn’t know about what Twitter was.

I came to think of it again recently, because I found it was boring to read team’s daily or weekly update from emails or wiki. Generally, the daily or weekly update is a short description what I do and what problem I have. And the most important is that I want other team members or peers or clients know what I am doing and what help I am seeking for. Writing an email to others, the email will sink down in the email list quickly. Wiki is a good choice to share these information, but I don’t want to edit the wiki again to let others know my issue is resolved with someone’s help.

Microblog seems to meet my requirement well. I can post my daily update and issues to Vibe, and others can reply me if they can give me a hand. And with the approach, every team member can share their status via Vibe, and I don’t need them to send me a weekly email report any more.

When I first tryied Vibe, I met many problems: I can’t see the people names in my crowd, and I don’t know who post a vibe. So I had to ask help from the developers – Chris Mayo and Mark Ellis. They are so kind to solve my issue quickly. Now, I am planning to migrate my weekly and daily update to Vibe with my team.

Vibe is really an excellent application, and I love it.

Finally, I want to say “thanks” to Mark and Mayo for their great support in the whole process.

拥抱HTML 5

天,Adobe对外宣布了HTML5的开发工具- HTML 5 Pack for Dreamweaver CS5。一直以来,很多人都认为HTML 5标准的定义,特别是对音频、视频的支持,多少有些针对Adobe的Flash,毕竟这么大的一个市场,让Adobe一家独大,多少让人感到担心,特别是有微软垄断的前车之鉴。

的确,HTML5发布不久,不少人开始担心Adobe 的Flash技术将在走向灭亡,但现在来看,这种担心多少有些多余了,因为Adobe的Flash已经走出了原有的音频、视频播放的功能局限,开始进入更加广阔的空间,HTML 5和Flash的竞争并未真正出现,相反,Adobe全力的拥抱了HTML5。首先,FlashPlayer中已经率先实现了对H.264格式的支持,这个行动甚至快于不少强力支持HTML 5标准的浏览器厂家,今天,HTML 5 Pack的发布,更加显示了Adobe支持和拥抱HTML 5的态度。联想到前几天,Adobe在纽约时报上打出的”我们热爱Web,我们热爱Apple”的广告,Adobe不仅在抢占道德制高点的同时,用行动来支持自己的开放性。

其实,这才是一个聪明企业的决定。开放的技术和体系已经是这个世界的潮流,任何人都不能逆潮流,越早融入这个潮流,并引领潮流,才不会被在潮流中迷失自己,被潮流所淹没。Adobe今天的行动,必将为它在HTML 5时代奠定成功的基石。

Adobe vs. Apple, Flash vs. iPhone

于 Adobe 和 Apple 就 iPhone 平台对Flash的支持的争论,已经成为 IT 界的一个引人关注的话题。Apple 的 CEO 公开发表文章,攻击 Adobe 的 Flash 技术陈旧,对资源消耗太高,不适合移动设备,同时,Adobe 的人也没闲着,逐一对 Apple 的指责进行了还击。

其实,Steve Jobs 的心情我完全可以理解,毕竟 Apple 创造了 iPhone 的神话,他不希望别人动自己的奶酪,如果 iPhone 上运行的应用都是 Flash 的,将极大破坏 Steve Jobs 为 iPhone 的生态环境,最终,使得 iPhone 变成一种又炫又酷的硬件平台,而 Apple 也会沦为生产这种又炫又酷的硬件的制造商。换了谁也不会答应呀!

可是,Steve 的做法似乎有些不太光明磊落,这也是为什么遭到 Adobe 和很多网友攻击的一个原因。

其实,对于一种技术的选择和甄别,用户才是最有权威的,毕竟”实践是检验真理的唯一标准”。如果 Flash 真的是一种落后的技术,用户会毫不犹豫地作出选择,Steve Jobs 似乎完全没有必要与俎代庖。互联网本身就是一个平台,在这个平台上,各种技术和产品都可以找到它们的定位点,所以在互联网上才有个一个著名的理论—-长尾理论,而 Steve Jobs 的决定,毫无疑问地一刀斩断了这条 iPhone 上的长尾。

于是,要赢得这场战役,就要赢得用户,也就是说,用户和市场才是最终的裁判,关键就是看 Adobe 和 Apple 谁可以提供给用户喜欢又必需的应用了。

其实,我觉得 Adobe 大可不必如此强烈地反对 Apple 和 Steve Jobs 的新政,其实不能在 iPhone 上运行 Flash,恰恰是 Apple 的损失。如果你是 iPhone 的用户,看着别人都在非 iPhone 的手机上看着自己喜欢的视频或者玩儿着自己酷爱的 Flash 游戏,你是会怨恨 Adobe 呢,还是会怨恨 Apple?如果到那个时候,你还会考虑坚持用 iPhone 吗?

我的一点猜想 …

刚结束的 Adobe Flash 平台技术峰会上,让我们看到了 Adobe 近年来在 Flash 上的最新研发成果,一个个美仑美奂的演示,让全部到会的观众惊讶于 Flash 技术带来的完全不同的用户体验,以至于上午历时两个多小时的主题讲演多次博得观众们的掌声。

其实,很久以来,我一直在思考一个问题,那就是 Adobe 为什么要在 Flash 平台上投入如此之多的资源?Flash 到底能给 Adobe 带来什么?

做平台化的产品,其实一直以来都是各个 IT 公司梦寐以求的发展方向。iPhone 已经从一个手机,变成了一种移动平台,Google 的 Android 也是定位在一个移动平台,而不是一个手机操作系统。其实,做平台化的产品,往往是件吃力不讨好的事情,平台的开发者未必总是可以从中获得回报,Java 就是一个典型的例子,Sun 发明了 Java,但 Sun 并没有从 Java 上获得与之对应的利润。

那末,为什么 Adobe 还要这么执着的推动 Flash 平台化呢?为此,不惜与昔日的战友 Apple 反目成仇,甚至不顾 HTML 5 的风起云涌。

当我从 Flash 平台技术峰会的现场回来后,一切似乎都有了答案。

可能很多人都注意到了,在这次技术大会上,Adobe 第一次在中国介绍了一个全新的产品—-Flash Catalyst 1.0,这个产品将随着 Flash CS5 一同发布。Flash Catalyst 这个产品,带给我们一种全新的体验,它将界面设计流程和开发流程无缝地统一了,使得 Photoshop 和 Illustrator 等等图形设计工具与 Flex 应用开发紧紧联系了起来。我们知道,Photoshop、Illustrator 等软件都是 Adobe 最重要的图形处理软件,在业界几乎没有可以与之竞争的产品,每年为 Adobe 打来出数十亿美元的收入,但是,长久以来,这些产品一直都是设计师、广告商的首选工具,与软件开发人员几乎没有什么关系,至少没有什么直接的关系,所以,虽然像 Photoshop 这样的产品在设计界非常流行,但几乎无法进入软件开发环节,特别是企业级应用的领域。

随着 Photoshop 的传统市场趋于饱和及软件功能的日臻完备,Adobe 似乎已经无法再进一步推动传统市场的增长,有谁会为了一些不经常使用的高级功能去升级自己的Photoshop呢?如此下去,Adobe 的收入将停滞不前。要继续获得增长,就必须为 Photoshop 等传统的优势软件找到它们新的出路,新的用武之地。毫无疑问,如果 Photoshop 能够被企业计算、游戏等行业采纳,作为用户界面的设计工具,必将使 Photoshop、Illustrator 进入一个比现有市场大几十倍甚至上百倍的领域。那么,有什么办法让一个企业在开发它的应用是使用 Photoshop 呢?

在这次大会上,一个演示给出了答案。Greg Demichillie – Flash 平台的产品总监,现场使用 Flash Catalyst 完成了一个简单的企业应用的开发过程。这个演示是一个职员目录的小程序,可以通过这个应用,查找到每个员工的信息,比如,电话、email、地址等等,我相信很多公司都有这样一个程序,可能名称不同,实现也是五花八门。但是,你能想象这样一个应用,完全是利用一个图像文件完成的吗?的确,Adobe 的 Flash Catalyst 就有这样的功能,将一个从 Illustrator 中创建的图像文件,变成了一个真实的基于 Flex 技术的企业应用。通过这个小小的演示,充分证明了 PhotoShop 对与用户界面设计的重要性和可行性。看来,Adobe 在演示程序的选择上是颇费了一番心思的。

我在测试 Flash Catalyst 的时候,曾经见到过一个测试用例,是一个酒店的订房系统,包括酒店的介绍及展示、价格、预定、订单发送等功能,全部的功能都是在一个 Photoshop 的文件上完成的,Flash Catalyst 充分利用不同的图层,完成了各项展示和功能。

说到这里,我们似乎已经不难理解 Adobe 为什么要不遗余力地推动 Flash 平台技术的应用。其实,Adobe 的真实意图,并不是要通过 Flash 技术赚多少钱,事实上,Flash 从诞生至今,才刚刚在上个财年刚刚盈利,而此时的 Flash 已经占领的 80+% 的台式机和笔记本,即使其在占领剩下的为数不多的份额,又能给 Adobe 带来多少直接的利润呢?Adobe 的 Flash 战略的真实目的,是要为它的 Photoshop、Illustrator、Acrobat 等产品开拓更加宽广的企业级应用市场。想一想,如果所有的应用都使用 Photoshop 或 Illustrator 来做界面设计,那对 Adobe 将是一个多么美好的未来?到时候,由专业的艺术人员设计出来的软件,界面将更加个性化,用户也将彻底告别那些千篇一律的窗口、图标、按钮了。

声明: 以上都是我的个人想象和推理,Adobe 的官方并无此说法,正确与否,无关紧要,写出来,作为我加入 Adobe 一周年的纪念吧,同时也感谢 Adobe 能让我有机会参与 Flash Catalyst 这个项目。

奥多比平台技术峰会 (Adobe Flash Platform Summit)

过多年的发展,Adobe 的 Flash 技术已经被广大的用户所接受,从当初的一款动画播放软件,发展到今天在多个领域已经成为事实上的标准。在中国,Flash 技术也得到了很多用户的喜爱,据统计,来自中国的Flash和Flex的开发人员已经仅次于美国,成为全球第二大的市场。

为了进一步在中国推广 Flex 和 Flash 平台技术,奥多比平台技术峰会将于 2010年 4月 21-22日 在北京国际会议中心开幕,来自 Adobe 中国和全球的高层和专家,将为大家介绍 Flash 平台,深入讲解 Flex 应用的开发,展示 Flash 平台和 Flex 的最新技术进展,展望 Flash 和 Flex 技术在 RIA 领域的发展。

除此之外,您还将有机会亲自动手实践如何使用 Flex 开发一个 RIA 应用,充分体验 Flex 为你带来的惊喜。

Adobe 和 Avatar

《阿凡达》(Avatar), 堪称有史以来最成功的电影终于公映了,一时间引爆了全球的热潮,很多地方甚至出现了一票难求得局面,在中国也深受欢迎,以至于有人用”春运火车票”来形容广大观众争抢电影票。

虽然Adobe早在去年的MAX大会上就已经向大家介绍了阿凡达的制作人员是如何使用Adobe的软件制作这部大片的,可是几乎还是没有什么人知道,阿凡达在全球的巨大成功,作为世界上最著名的图形图像软件开发商的Adobe可以说功不可没。在影片的拍摄和制作过程中,Adobe的多款产品都起到了至关重要的作用,包括After Effect、Flash、PhotoShop 等等。



The first entry

This is my first blog entry from Adobe.

Today, I received the email notification from blog administration team to inform me that my blog had been set up. Is it exciting?

Since I joined in Adobe in April, I have been considering to set up my blog. However, it is so complicated to find out the right way how to do that. Generally, many blog sites provide the self-registry service to enable employees to set up their blogs by themselves, however, I didn’t find any information how to do that from Adobe’s website, and either did I get any result from Adobe intranet. And finally, I decided to ask service desk for help.

I contacted the service desk. The service desk receiption was an India lady and she is very nice. She told me that she needed some time to find out the approach to set up a blog. After 5 minutes later, she told me that she was sorry to keep me wait, and she still needed some minutes to find the solution for me. After about 10 minutes, she told me a URL about how to request a blog on It is a really long URL, and I didn’t think that I could remember that correctly. Fortunately, the lady told that she could send me an email, and submit the request form from the system. Adobe’s service desk is really great!

After one day’s wait, my blog was set up, and an email was sent to me.

It is really great that I can blog in Adobe. With the blog, I can record and share my work and career at Adobe with the people I know and I don’t know.